"Wow Miley I'm impressed. Your first A in my class! I guess my good looks are finally getting through to you!" Mr. Konrad said with a smile and a wink. He is my world history teacher and I have a huge* crush on him. Was it really that obvious?

"Uhh..thanks?" I said as I grabbed my test and put it in my bag. I felt my cheeks turning red so I put my head on my desk. 

"Miley! Oh my God he totally just flirted with you! Why didnt you flirt back!?" Melissa wispered to me when Mr. Konrad passed us.

"Melissa! He's my teacher. That's just...creepy. Plus I'm with Danny so I don't need to flirt with other guys." I wispered back to her.

"Alright well I'm with Brandon and I still flirt with guys! It's not a crime to flirt with people!" she partially screamed. She's so lucky Brandon isn't in this class, because I'm pretty sure he wouldn't be happy with her.

"Ughh Melissa how are we best friends? We are so* different" I said laughing. Mr. Konrad passed us by so we stopped talking.

"Alright class let's get to work. I'm going to split you up into partners and you will make a poster on the causes and effects of world war II." he said. We all groaned when he said that because we hate it when he splits us up. Someone wasn't here today so I was the only one without a partner. Mr. Konrad thought it would be a great idea if me and him were partners. I swear he is trying to kill me!

"Alright Miley lets make this poster." he said with a smile. He looked straight into my eyes and I turned away. Oh God I think I'm blushing right now. I hate blushing!

"Umm okay." I said. 20 minutes later we were done and Melissa and I were helping him hang them up around the room. Working with him actually wasn't too bad. We barely even talked about the poster. We were talking about Danny and how long we have been together and all that stuff. He was acting like my friend...and I dont think I blushed at all!

The bell rang and we all filed out of the room. Me and Melissa met up with Danny and Brandon and walked together to lunch.

"Hey Miley!" Danny said when he saw me walk up to him.

"Hi! How was your class?" I asked after I gave him a quick kiss.

“Ehh it was alright. Kinda boring. How was your class?”

“It was actually fun today. Me and Mr. Konrad had to be partners for a project and we didn’t even talk about the subject haha.” I said. I wont tell him we talked about him cause he will be freaked out..

“Oh wow your so lucky! I wish I could have a cool teacher like him. All my classes suck so far this year. It’s only the second week and I wanna drop all my classes!” he said.

“I'm sorry. It’ll get better I hope.” I said back to him. We just got into the lunch room and sat down at our table that we have had for the last three years. This year all of my friends and Danny’s friends are in the same lunch so it’s a perfect senior year. I sat down next to Trevor and Tyler while Danny went to buy his lunch.

“Hey guys!” I said when I sat down

“Hey Miley” trevor said.

“Seriously when are you and Danny gonna get it on? Just do it already! It’s been a really long time so far!” tyler said. That’s what Tyler says to me everyday of my life so im used to it by now.