Day 32: Quoting Shania Twain Songs Is Totally Normal

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                                                                          It started out with a kiss,

                                                                        How did it end up like this?

Start Destination: Metz, France

End Destination: Metz, France

Via: Galaxie d'Amnéville

09:57AM (GMT) / 10:57AM (Local Time)

I can't claim that we are all awake when we rise in the morning. Rosie grumbles good morning under her breath and rubs sleep out of her eyes when she notices that I'm up too. Her red hair is all over the place, the frizz always seems much more uncontrollable when she first wakes up and my attempts to tell her that she looks like a ginger lion do not go over well.

Elise wakes not long after and slowly the three of us get ready.

We agree to eat as we walk around the city; Levi has requested that we wander today. He mentioned something about the impressive architecture but my mind was still half asleep and so I cannot recall exactly what he was talking about.

Once we begin the journey it is easy to tell though. The entire city is impressive, with large, elegant buildings featured all over. Levi guides us through the streets and we follow close behind. The streets are surprisingly busy and I find that I have to keep my eyes locked on the back of Levi's neck constantly to have any chance of being able to keep up with him without getting lost in the crowd.

He's kind enough to wait for us to catch up, Elise has got caught up staring in a shop window and so has to use the advantage of her height to spot us. As soon as she's back by our side, the walk resumes.

It's truly a pretty city and when we pull to a stop in front of a cathedral I let out a small, unintentional gasp.

I cannot claim to know much about architecture - although Levi always did try to educate me - but even I can tell that this building is exceptionally beautiful. It's almost gothic, with large arched windows that give you a glimpse of what lays inside.

"It's beautiful isn't it?" Rosie says and I answer her question with a smile.

"That's what I love about what we're doing," I reply, "I never would have thought to have come see this if I was on my own."

"Thank god we brought Levi along hey?" There is humour in Rosie's voice but also a trace of seriousness and despite how much she goes on about Levi being annoying, I know she is glad that he is here with us.

"What are you guys talking about?" Levi asks, propping his head on my shoulder.

"Just what a pain you are," Rosie replies.

"You know I think that might actually be the nicest thing you've ever said to me," Levi replies, "most of the time you just call me a narcissistic dick."

"That description still stands."

"You wound me sis."

At this point Elise interjects. The two of us are both aware that once Levi and Rosie get into this kind of conversation it can last for hours and I'd rather not waste my time in Metz listening to the two of them.

"So where to next?"

My stomach rumbles answering the question and I look up at the group with an embarrassed smile.

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