He hits you

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Niall: you've waited and waited but he never did arrive. He was suppose to be home 6 hours ago. When you decide to go to sleep you hear the door slam shut. You turn around just to find Niall drunk. What the h*** !" You yelled. You were suppose to be home a long time ago. Calm down and lets have fun." Niall said. No way! You said while backing away. You're not touching me till you're sober. Niall lunges at you and his fist meets your face. With tears filled in your eyes you touch the throbbing spot on your cheek. You look at Niall with fear and run out of the house.

(2 weeks later)

Your face has bruised , but your heart has fallen apart. Niall has called every minute of everyday. You rented a motel out of town. One morning you wake up to knocking on the door . You got up to open it and you see Niall's face red and puffy from the tears . Princess I'm so So so sorry for hitting you . You slammed the door in his face and sat up against the door crying. You didn't have to open the door to tell Niall was to. " Go away Niall " you said threw the door. " please just give me a minute ." Niall begged. You wiped away the tears and opened the door . I'm soo sorry for what I did I promise I'll never ever hurt you again, he pleded. " Niall I know I shouldn't forgive you but , I just love you too much." You giggled. He hugged you tightly and kissed you.


"Harry you know I wouldn't cheat on you!" You shouted. " ____ how do I know that for sure, the picture say you did !" He shouted back, pointing to his laptop. "Whatever if you don't belive me maybe I should leave!" "Maybe you should!" He shouted back.

You turned around to grab your purse , then you felt a sharp pain in your eye. Harry just hit you. You stated at him. His eyes turned from black back to their original color. Before he could say anything, you ran upstairs and locked yourself in the bedroom.

(2 hours later)

Knock knock

You hesitated to open the door. "______, I'm so sorry I know you wouldn't cheat on me , and I shouldn't have hit you. I'm so sorry. You open the door to fond Harry's face red and puffy, his cheeks stained with tears. He hugged you, and you hugged him back.


As usual Zayn came in drunk."Zayn you can't keep doing this."you try to say calmly. "Shut up." He slurred. "You know how much of a b**** you can be sometimes ____." He said. After that he punched you in the stomach and you passed out.

The next day you woke up on the couch, you sat up to see Zayn he was ready to beg for forgiveness . There was a long cheesy speech from him. You just giggled and kissed him on the cheek.


Hey guys sorry I didn't do all of them , but I'd take forever . Ill also do request s.

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