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I continued to stare at the woman sitting in front of me hoping she will glance at me at least once and not at our wedding photo which she is holding after taking it from my table.

I cleared my throat and calmly asked, "She tried to take her life just because she got betrayed by her love. But you didn't let one single tear fall from your eyes and didn't ask me any questions, even after knowing that I betrayed you. Why?"

I patiently waited for her answer which I wanted to find out from a few days very eagerly.

"Her love is pure. But..." She just trailed off.

"But?" I stressed leaning forward, placing my elbows on the table.

"But mine is.... just an act." she said the last words looking at me straight in the eyes and placed the photo frame back in its place, but made sure the photo is facing the table and not anywhere else.

"So that's all I guess. Have a nice life." Saying that she got up and left my office cabin while I just stared at her in complete shock.

Just an act? Should I be relieved feeling less guilty? Of course, I should! But why am I feeling like, I should ask her again to make sure what she said is true?


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