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"When you're young you just run but you come back to what you need"

Harry's POV

Her head was heavy on my chest as I sighed. I could tell she knew I'd done coke again, there was no point in hiding it from her,

"I was looking for something in the bathroom," I started, "and a bag of coke fell out of a box when I pulled it out from under the sink. It was emergency stash that I'd forgotten I even had. I didn't think one line would do anything, but it must have been a bad batch. Now I'm here.." I trailed off as she sat up and looked at me.

"When are you allowed to go home?" She asked, her eyes scanning the gash on my face, held together by several stitches.

"Tomorrow morning," I mumbled, "need to keep me for observation. In case I have brain damage or some shit."

"Little bit late for that, don't you think?" She joked, a small smile playing on her lips as she looked up at me from under her eyelashes. My nostrils flared as I tried to stop the smile that was threatening to take over my face.

"I'm gonna be fine." I stated, readjusting my position on the bed, moving my arm so it was under my head. She hummed in response, chewing the inside of her lip.

"I'm sorry," I whispered after a while, tucking a strand of her hair behind her ear, leaving my hand on her face for a moment before slowly pulling it away.

"Don't be sorry.." she whispered back, moving to lie down again. I rolled onto my side so we were face to face, "You just scared me.. I just got worried I was gonna lose you.." She choked out the last few words as her eyes filled with tears and my heart started to ache.

"You'll never ever lose me.. I can promise you that." My voice was barely above a whisper.

"Promise is a strong word.."

"I know."

"Please don't do it again. I can't handle seeing you in a state like this.." her voice was sad, I wanted to cry just because I'd made her upset.

"I won't." I promised, looking into her eyes. We stayed like that for a few minutes, just staring at each other. I could have stayed like that forever, watching her chest rise and fall whenever she took a breath, the way her blue eyes scanned my face and how her tongue would occasionally dart out to wet her perfect pink lips. My hand found its way to her cheek, running it down her neck and her arm to intertwine with her own hand that was lying between us.

"You're my best friend." I whispered slowly, my thumb tracing circles into the back of her hand. She smiled, my eyes moved to her lips quickly as her body leaned into mine a bit more. My heart rate picked up as I looked back into her eyes, they gave me the permission I was craving as I leaned in slowly, my lips only millimeters from brushing over hers..

"Oh. I'm sorry.." A nurse spoke, causing us to break apart in a hurry. Izi blushed heavily as she turned to face the nurse,

"Visiting hours are over Miss.." She said softly, smiling at the two of us.

"Right.." Izi said, sitting up and climbing off the bed, "I'll see you tomorrow." She turned and gave me a kiss on the cheek before meeting the nurse at the door. She gave her a small nod as the two of them left the room. I rolled onto my back, placing my hands over my face and groaning loudly into them. What had just happened?

Izi's POV

I walked back into the corridor. My mind racing. What had just happened? I rounded the corner to find only Louis and Anne sitting in the waiting room. I went and sat across from them, Anne giving me a sympathetic smile when I did.

"Thank you." she said out of the blue, leaning across to put her hand on my leg.

"What for?" I asked with genuine confusion.

"I know all about what you've done for him. He's lucky to have someone like you as a friend." I smiled, putting my hand on hers and giving it a slight squeeze.

"Alright," Louis said, standing up, "let's get going. It's almost 10." I looked up at the clock hanging on the wall. We'd been here for hours. Anne got up and pulled Louis into a tight hug, he closed his eyes as he rested his chin on her shoulder.

"C'mon, I'll take you home." He swung his arm around my shoulder and we walked out of the hospital.

The second we got through the doors we were swarmed by paparazzi.

"Keep your head down." Louis murmured to me as he grabbed my hand and lead me to the car.

"Louis! Is Harry alright?"

"Was this drug related?"

"Who's the girl?"

"What happened to Eleanor?"

"Hey! Are you and Louis dating?"

The camera flashes were blinding me as the paps called out to us. Louis opened my door, ushering me into the car and slamming it behind me. He rushed around to the drivers seat and got in, turning the car on and speeding out of the car park. I rubbed my eyes, still seeing the flashes of the cameras.

"Pretty hectic, aye? Worst part of the job." Louis mumbled, and I hummed in response. We were silent the whole way back to the flat, he turned the car off as he pulled up out the front.

"I can tell you like him," He said out of the blue. I turned to him and he gave me a knowing look. I'd only known him for a couple of months but he could already see right through me,
"Don't tell him. He needs time to have you as his friend." I looked down at my hands, fiddling with the ring on my middle finger.

"He's pretty fucking special.." I said, more to myself than to Lou.

"I know," he smiled at me as he pulled me into a hug, "go get some sleep. We'll see him tomorrow." I hugged him back, getting out of the car and making my way back inside.

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