The Mishapocalypse of 2013

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It began like any other ordinary day on Tumblr.  People were posting, blogs were being followed and unfollowed, everything was as it should have been.  Nobody had any idea what would happen later that day.

The date was April 1, 2013.  A date infamous for tricking others.  April Fool's Day had arrived, and the Supernatural fandom wasn't going to let it slip away.  Together, they agreed to change their profile pictures to Misha Collins, also known as the angel Castiel on their worshipped TV show.  This was meant to simply confuse the other fandoms, nothing more.

Unfortunately, it escalated very quickly.

Soon, the other fandoms had joined in.  It was nearly impossible to find anyone without Misha Collins as their profile picture.  Not only that, but posts had begun to be made with the actor's face.  Soon, it began its conquest of Tumblr.  Misha was everywhere.  Everywhere you turned, he was there.  There was no escaping the wrath of the Mishapocalypse.

People were following and unfollowing each other based solely on their participation in the Mishapocalypse.  Some users even claimed to be family with other bloggers who shared the reigning profile picture of the day.  Promises were made never to forget the Mishapocalypse and to follow each other forever.  Others were not thrilled with the new trend and quickly unfollowed the blogs that took part.  Tumblr warred on and on, but it was obvious who the winner was:  the Mishapocalypse.

A Wikipedia page about the Mishapocalypse was developed.  Articles were written about the legendary force ripping its way through Tumblr.  Still, bloggers created pictures, gifs, and videos all depicting Misha Collins.  Eventually, the innocent actor found out about the trend and changed his icon on Twitter to another face.  No one was safe from the Mishapocalypse.

And then, just like that, the dreaded hour of midnight arrived in Britain.  It came as quickly as the Mishapocalypse had invaded Tumblr.  April Fool's Day was over.  Many bloggers were confused as to what to do next.  Would they change their profile picture back to the original image?  Would they delete all of the Misha-related posts on their blogs?  What would happen next year?  Many of these questions still remain.  Only time will tell the answers.

And that is how, in less than a day, Tumblr was destroyed, then reunited in a fiery display of friendship, following, and Misha Collins.  We have survived the Mishapocalypse of 2013.  We must remember the Mishapocalypse of 2013.  We will never forget.  Never.

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