Liam Payne Dirty Imagine.

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I smiled as i patted down my shirt smoothing it out. "Hey babe be ready in an hour i'm taking you

out!" Called my boyfriend of five years Liam. "Okay!" I called back walking to my closet and tugging it

open."What to wear? What to wear?" I questioned quietly to myself. "Oh perfect!" I squealed picking

up the delicate fabric in miy hands. I quickly rushed to the bathroom throwing on the tight black

dress along with my six inch black heels. "Hey babe you ready?" whispered a low and hoarse voice.

I turned around to see Liam standing behind checking out my bum. I giggle and respond "Yup!" I

squeal and entertwine our fingers leaping down the stairs and out to his car.

"So where are we going?" I asked turning to Liam who was intently watching the road.We've been

driving for an hour and i'm really starting to get worried.,I mean i don't think he would could kidnap

and rape me but i mean never trust no one. "I told you babe it's a suprise!" Liam cried kissing all of

my knuckles soft and slow intently watching the road. "Okay..."I whispered. "Don't be upset.." He

cried turning to look at me sincerley. I smiled and chuckled "It's fine i'm not upset i promise you!" I

cry trying to convince him. "We're here." he stated putting the car in park and swiftly shuffling over to

my side. I smiled and entertwined our fingers walking slowly onto the beach. "So is this the big

'suprise?" I question. He smiles and nods while i take in the breath taking veiw. He had candles set

up all over the beach along with a blanket and a basket. "Do you like it?" He asked smiling wide at

me. I smiled in return "Like it? I love it." I stated smiling from ear to ear. "Glad to know." Liam said

winking and gently sitting criss corssed on the blanket. "First we shall start off with some peanut

butter and jelly sandwichs." He said in a french accent. I giggled "Yum!" I squealed chomping down

on the delicious goodness. "How was it?" He asked finishing up his as well. "Amazing." I breathed

out. He chuckled "Good hope you still have room for dessert." He stated smiling. "More than

enough!" I exclaimed. "Good cause we're having some chocolate cake!" He exclaimed. "Liam my

favorite!"  I almost screamed. "Good." He said chuckling and feeding me some. The night pretty

much consisted of us being a lovey dovey couple feeding eachother and few kisses here and there

untill we got home..

"You're so beautiful (Yn)." He whisperd as he gently closed the door and pushed me up against the

wall. I giggled and blushed while he kissed up my neck making his way to my lips. "Kiss me." he

whisperd. I took no hesitation and smashed my lips to his as he lifted me up and squeezed my ass

making me gasp and he quickly slipped his tougne in. I pulled away gasping for air while he kissed

my neck. "(Yn) i need you...I need you now." He breathed quickly running us upstairs and throwing

me on the bed pulling his pants down along with his shirt. It took me a while to process what was

going on untill i felt a pain shoot up in my stomach. "Tell me if it hurts." I nodded and scratched at

his back as he went in and out. "Harder Liam..." I whisperd. He soon began going harder and

faster. "(Yn) I'm gonna cum..." He whisperd. I moan and let my walls close in on his and our juices

mixed together. He fell beside panting heavily and turned to me pushing my hair behind my ear.

"(Yn) I love you...." He whisperd and with that i fell asleep.

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