Chapter 9

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After Anne had excused herself from the dinner table, she made her way upstairs to Harry’s room. She opened the door to see a shaking lump under the covers. “Harry, come out from under there, please.” Anne said calmly, while sitting on the edge of his bed. “No! You’re being mean to me!” Harry squirmed further under the blanket. “Harry, you need to learn to be patient. You can’t always get what you want exactly when you want it. I thought it was rude how you interrupted my conversation earlier. Then how did you feel when I started to ignore you?” Anne said. Harry emerged from the covers, eyes red rimmed, and cheeks streaked with tears. “But that’s not fair! I wanted to talk!” Harry shouted as he kicked off his blankets, sat up straight, and brought his knees to his chest. His head was still pounding from earlier, and all he wanted was for it to go away. “Harry I wasn’t trying to be mean, but you just have to know that not everything revolves around you all the time, but that doesn’t mean I don’t love you, babe.” Anne finished.  Anger still bubbled in Harry’s chest. “Why should I have to share my mum? I don’t even know Zayn…” Harry thought. “NOT FAIR!” Harry screamed, as he threw his pillows across the room, got up from his bed, and dropped to the floor. He hit, and clawed at the floor, while his feet slammed to the ground, repeatedly. Anne knelt down beside him, and started run her fingers through his curly hair. Harry only screamed louder at this, as his head felt like it would explode. He screeched at the top of his lungs, and pounded at his head with his fists. “STOP!” Harry yelled. All sense of calmness left Anne as she tried to hold Harry’s hands away from his head.

                Gemma entered the room, and made her way over to her mother and brother. She grabbed Harry’s feet, and held them down. Harry writhed in agony, as he yelled out incoherent words. “Mum, should we call an ambulance?” Gemma asked, Harry’s feet kicking too wildly for her to control any longer. “Yeah, go call them, and then call Dr. Flack and tell her to meet us at the hospital.”Anne said before she lost control of Harry’s hands as well. He quickly crawled away from his mother, and curled himself up in the corner, where he fiercely bit at his hands. Anne ran over to Harry, and tried to pull his hands away from his mouth, but the moment her hand touch his, he let out an ear-shattering wail, and turned himself around to face the wall. Harry began to rock himself back and forth, and each time his head hit the wall with moderate force. Anne stood watching him in shock, and horror, not knowing what else to do. All of the normal calming techniques she used had gone out the window.

                Gemma entered the room with two paramedics, as the other two were in the hallway setting up the stretcher. One of the men lifted Harry’s curled up form into his arms, and carried him into the hallway. Anne caught a glimpse of Harry’s hands, which were spotted with blood, and bite marks. She followed man out into the hallway, where he began to set Harry down on the stretcher. Harry whimpered at the loss of comfort, and thrashed around. “Harry, listen babe, we’re going to the hospital to make you feel better, alright?” Anne slightly yelled to get her point across to her son. “N-no go!” Harry said, as he continued to thrash about on the stretcher. The paramedics held his hands and feet steady in enough time to strap them down to the bed. “AHHHHHHH!” Harry screamed, trying to move his body. “Harry, calm down, baby. It’s okay, just relax.” Anne said. “No go! No go!” Harry screamed again and again, while the paramedics started to bring him downstairs, and outside to the ambulance. “I’ll follow you guys to the hospital.” Gemma stated, as she ran out to her car.

                The ride in the ambulance was filled with Harry’s screams, and his resisting the paramedics as they tried to check his vitals. Since Harry’s hands were held down, one of the men cleaned, and wrapped them up. Once they arrived at the hospital, and Harry was placed in a room, all they could do was wait for Dr. Flack to arrive. “Muh- Mum-ma… H-Home…” Harry mumbled, as he slowly started to calm down. “We’ll go home soon, yeah?” Anne gently stroked Harry’s arm. Dr. Flack entered the room, and washed her hands. “Alright Ms. Cox, what brings Harry to the hospital this evening?” Dr. Flack said while stepping over to Harry. “Harry just had a meltdown, and was banging his head against the wall.” Anne said with a weak, weathered voice. “Okay Harry, let me quickly take a look at your noggin.” Dr. Flack reached out to touch Harry’s head, but stopped when he put his own hands on his head. “No!” He said as he shook his head violently. “Harry, come on, let her take a look, babe. It’ll only take a minute.”Anne reassured. Harry looked at his mother, angrily, sucked in a large breath, and held it. “Why is he holding his breath?” Dr. Flack asked, concerned. “He does this to either get attention, or get something he wants.” Anne sighed, looking down at Harry in frustration. “I’m going to count to three, and when I do, I want you to cooperate with Dr. Flack. One…” Anne said. Harry’s frown grew deeper, as his face grew redder. “Two…” Anne said, losing her patience. Harry looked to Dr. Flack for help, but she waited for Anne to finish. “Three.” Anne finished with a sigh. Harry let out a long breath, and crossed his arms over his chest to pout. Dr. Flack chuckled at how easily that worked. “Alright Harry, I won’t touch your head, but I want you to tell me how bad it’s hurting you.” Dr. Flack said. “Hurts really bad.” Harry said before sniffling. “Okay, well for now, let’s get some painkillers in you, and get you home. Anne, I’d still like for both of you to come to my office tomorrow.” Dr. Flack said as she left the room to get the medication.

                They waited a few minutes until Dr. Flack came back into the room with a tray of syringes, and a vile. She filled the syringe, and walked over to Harry. “No shot! Please, mummy!” Harry cried while covering his arms with the sheets on the hospital bed. “Harry, just relax, and look at me.” Anne instructed, as she gently took the sheet away from Harry’s arms. Harry whimpered as he looked at his mum, and waited for the needle to go in his arm. “Okay, one, two, three… All done!” Dr. Flack said as she placed a band-aid on Harry’s arm. “You did so good, baby!” Anne praised, before she gave Harry a kiss on the cheek. Harry just looked at her with a confused expression. “T-teddy bear hug?” Harry said. “Oh Anne, I forgot to mention that the painkillers are going to make Harry a bit loopy.” Dr. Flack said. All of a sudden, Harry began giggling loudly, and hiding his face in his hands. “What’s so funny, babe?” Anne chuckled, while rubbing Harry’s hand. He stopped laughing, and looked at Anne with a serious expression. “Y-you’re my mummy?” Harry asked, drool making its way down his chin. “Yeah, Harry, I’m your mum.” Anne nearly cackled at how cute her son was. “Let’s get you home, babe. I think Gemma’s waiting for us outside.” Anne said, as she helped Harry up from the hospital bed. “G-Gemma is school?” Harry mumbled as they made their way out of the hospital room.

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