Chapter 15 - Cassiel's Ball

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Chapter 15

Cassel's Ball

Blaine stared at herself in the mirror with a quivering lip and I sent her a pitying look.


"I'm just scared." She mumbled to me. "What if things go wrong?"

"Not everything can go right." I said as I braided her hair into a French plait. 

"I know. But I just have this feeling that everything will go completely wrong."

"You can't think too negatively." Bonnie said as she zipped up her satin white dress from her waist. "We will do this."

"Okay, okay. What do I do?"

"You go as if you're on your own." Bonnie reminded her. "Lon come here." 

I walked to her, my cream lace-bodice silk dress unlaced at the back. Bonnie grabbed the strings and started to tie. "No Cacodemons can get you from here. So you have nothing to worry about."

"Will they know I'm a demon?"

"You're not a demon." I reassured. "Merely fallen. The same as Franklin. And no, I'm shielding your energy."

"Come," Bon grabbed her hand. "Let's go. Cam and Kim are waiting downstairs."

Jackson was already at the Stronghold, a guard in a sense. He did it without much trouble getting in wasn't a problem at all. 


I pinned my own braid in a swirl at the top of my head and grabbed my mask before double checking the room to make sure we didn't leave anything. Jackson had taken everything with him to the Stronghold making sure to store them before doing his duty as a guard.

As we entered the lobby of our hotel Cameron looked up and sent me a tight smile. No, we hadn't talked properly about what I did last night; he hadn't even made the effort to try and talk to me so I didn't either.

For a second, his blue eyes flashed at me as I stepped off the stairs and a genuine smile lit his face. "You look nice." He complimented.

"Thank you. And so do you." I replied as I stopped in front of him. Cameron's short hair was smoothed back. His crisp white shirt was covered by a waist coat and a long white tailored coat. Cameron really did look nice. All of his clothes were fitted to him perfectly. Jackson did a great job. "Are we ready to go?"

Everyone was going. The streets were filled with women and men walking (or floating) to the Stronghold. Women and men were laughing, smiling, excited. They were dressed to the nines, the excitement on all of their faces.

Blaine stayed close to us as we made our way to the gates outside but then she separated, proceeding on to our plan. The invitations were checked by guards dressed in white dress suits almost similar to Cameron's. Bonnie, Kim and I slipped on our masks as well as Cameron and handed the guard, term used loosely because it was Jackson, our invitations. 

Walking through the grand entrance I was amazed by the beautiful mural on the ceiling of the circular hall. But as I glanced at each of the most important and memorable archangels from the beginning of time I glanced at the face nearest the middle and sighed. "Ah, look."

Bonnie glanced at me before looking up and laughing. "How flattering."

The painting of me was completely nude, however I don't particularly remember being nude for a painting as big as this. My black hair was as long as it was now, almost waist length and my wings spread out behind the other angels larger than them all.

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