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"FUCK.. UH...mmmhmm...... YESSSSSS.... FASTER....!!! DEEPER!!!"

Zonnique scream, moaned, and panted all as Bahja fingered her and sucked on her breast.

"who do you love, nique nique?" Bahja said seductively..

"I... Lo- FUCK YESS!!"

Zonnique couldn't get her words out. Her toes curled and her back arched. She was wildin' out! 

Bahja knew Nique was about to reach her climax.

Screams, moans, and whale's filled the house almost everyday. Sometimes they did it in the car, bathroom, or the kitchen... They'd do it anywhere at anytime. This time they were in Nique's room.

T.I. took everybody to the Waffle House and was gonna take all the kids shopping. But Bahja and Nique insisted to stay behind to full fill impleasurement. They actually hadn't "did it" in a month.


Bahja pulled her head down under the cover licked up all the cum from Nique, she held it in her mouth and drug her head back up to Nique. Nique opened her mouth and Bahja slid her tongue in, along with all the cum she licked up. 

They had a heated, intense make-out session. They feeled all over eachother's bodies, pulled on eachother hair, swishing cum back and forth throughout eachother's mouth. There mouths were out-lined with saliva and cum. Nique bit on Bahja's tongue as she lifted up her head.

"Why yo pussy so soft Nique?" Bahja joked.

"Hahahaha! Shut up Bay.. i don't... but yo finger's did a lot more than Ray's skinny pencil dick!" Replied Nique.

"Nique you can't take nothin! You know you was screamin when he put the tip in!!" Said Bahja.

Bahja layed down next to Nique, exauhsted... but she was ready for another round. Nique gazed down at Bahja scanning every inch of her expose beautiful brown skin. Bahja looked over at Nique... they made eye contact and stared at eachother peacefully, but they were some freaks. Nique got up and so did Bahja... They already knew eachother by now, they were getting positioned.. for what?


They gradually started to move, their wet, warm, throbbing, pussy's being quenched. Their pussy's glided, slided and wiped across one another.

"ssss... ohhhh-hh... mmmmm" moaned Bahja.

" softt, Bahja..yess...mmmmfffFFF Faster!" groaned Nique.

So they did. They moved faster and faster moans getting louder. The sex was getting more and more aggressive. Wiping there pussy juices all over eachothers clit/lips of their pussy. Scissoring was kinda hard but it also felt good. After a good 3 minutes they decided to finish.

Bahja got up and licked up the juices from Nique's clit. Nique kinda let out a soft moan. Nique did the same for Bahja. They decided to take a shower. Not with eachother though, because they need they were gonna do more freaky stuff and they wouldn't be able to help it. They were what you called....

Sex Addicts.

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