Alba Fife Is Perfection With A Scottish Accent - Eoin's Chapter

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Eoin's POV

My breath catches in my chest as I see her again for the first time in what feels like years.  Alba Fife; beautiful, terrified, untrusting Alba Fife...who currently looks like she wants nothing more than to run back into the house.

"What d'you want, Eoin?" Alba asks dully, looking at me wearily - completely oblivious to the soaring feeling it gives me to hear her say my name; the two wolves stand in front of her protectively, growling at me as they bare their teeth.  I ignore them; they can't do jack to me, I'm just as supernatural as they are...and I have a demon watching over me for Death!  That's got to count for something!

"I want to talk t'you, Alba." I murmur, taking in the little changes in her face.  She's gained a wee bit of weight since she left Crusher's house, she looks healthy now - more alive.  I touch my own chest, feeling the hollowness that comes with your Soul belonging to Death before you die.  I have no Soul, no pulse, no heart; but I love Alba Fife with everything Death has yet to take from me.

"I don't want tae talk t'you, Eoin." Alba replies tiredly, slumping against the wall.  I swallow, the dead space in my chest aching; why should Alba ever talk to me again?  What have I done to earn her trust?  I as good as handed her back to Crusher...and I nearly killed her mate...

"I know, Alba...please?  I just want...five minutes?" I try, my chest tightening slightly; all I want is a few more minutes with Alba before her life is ruined.  If I get to see her smile just once more, everything will be okay; if I get to hear her laugh just once more, everything will be fine.

Until her seven days are over, the mocking voice in my head reminds me, then nothing will be fine for Alba Fife again...

"Just five minutes?" Alba repeats, her eyes narrowing; I nod earnestly, hoping desperately that she agrees.  "Give me one reason why I should." Alba says bitterly, hurt flickering in her eyes; I bite my lip, staring at her.  She has every right to let these dogs rip my throat out; nothing's stopping her.

So why hasn't she?

"I-I just want to talk, Alba...I'm not going t'hurt you, I promise." I tell her, a lump rising in my throat as I think about it; I could never hurt Alba, I know I couldn't.  How could anyone?  She's so delicate, so tiny; she needs someone to look after her.

I could look after her...I could keep her safe from Crusher!  I could protect her...stop her getting hurt by those mutts.  Those mutts who I'm stuck with until Death decides to take me and Errie...

"Fine.  Five minutes." She repeats as she goes to move past the wolves; they don't seem too chuffed that she's agreed to go with me, and they both turn to her furiously.  Alba hastily backs away from the two angry wolves, panic flashing in her eyes.  When they see her panic, they immediately back down and relax, silencing the growls vibrating through their throats.

"I promise..." I trail off, watching the moonlight dance on her translucent skin; she's so beautiful.  She deserves the world - not just the moon and the stars, but the whole universe.

And I can't give it to her.

"I don't care what you promise, Eoin." Alba says tiredly as she stops in front of me, tilting her head back to look at me.  Oh God...those eyes...they're bloody breathtaking.  How does McGrath manage to hold a conversation with her when those eyes are just staring at him?

I hold my hand out to her wordlessly, my eyes searching her face; she takes my hand hesitantly and my chest tightens for a few seconds as adrenaline surges through me.  I want to hide her away where no one can hurt her...I want to hide her away and make her forget about Colin fucking McGrath.  I want her to want me as much as I want her...I want her to want me, period.

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