17- Want to scrub my back?

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Cassy’s mouth dropped open at his words.  She could not believe he would say something like that to her.  After a moment of very quick thinking she quipped back at him: “Would you stop tickling me if I tried?”

The corner of his mouth lifted.  “Most likely not.”  He answered truthfully.

“I thought as much.”

The hand holding hers moved downward slightly.  “And here I thought things were just getting interesting.”

Cassy could feel her face heating up and quickly hid her face behind her hair.  But she did not remain hidden for long.  She felt him gently tuck her hair behind her ear and rub his thumb down her burning cheek.

The fact that she was blushing absolutely amazed him and he watched her with fascination while his fingers caressed the soft skin on her face and neck.  With her eyes closed, her long lashes cast shadows on her face, her lips slightly parted and her breathing became more uneven by the moment.

Unable to resist the invitation her parted lips presented, he took possession of her lips, moaning with delight when her lips moved against his.  That encouraged her to take matters into her own hands when she twined her fingers in his hair and pulled his head closer.  He pulled back to stare into her eyes, seeing the need that must surely be in his eyes reflected in hers before crushing his mouth to hers once more.

She felt his tongue move against her lips, pleading for more.  Her lips parted invitingly and she gently sucked his tongue into her mouth.  The heartbeat under her hands stuttered before it went crazy, hammering so loudly she was sure they could hear it downstairs.  Soon she forgot everything as his kisses swept her away to a place where the only thing that mattered was the two of them.  Gasping for breath, she dragged her mouth away from his, only to feel his lips move down her neck to rest on the spot where he had marked her as his.

Now, intellectually she knew that there was no physical reason for that mark to be sensitive, but there are some things that can never be explained.  Like the fact that the ‘wounds’ were super sensitive in a most erotic way until they were healed completely.  It had been told to her by her mother and by her best friend who had met her mate when she was seventeen; but she had never imagined the ferocity of that sensation.

As soon as his lips touched the mark she moaned his name out loud.  With a satisfied growl he tended the wound, causing her to throw her head back, exposing more of her slender neck to his ministrations.

Alex trailed his hand down her body, soothing the urgency as well as stoking the fire even higher.  His touch set her alight, making her burn for him.  His hand moved down to her bare hip, drawing circles on the satin smooth skin, he moved his hand to move up, slipping it under the t-shirt on her back, pulling her up to press her body against him, so that he could feel every inch of her.

She felt his hand move lower down to cup her ass, his fingers teasing at the edge of the smallest piece of clothing she had on.  Not expecting the havoc his touch created she leant forward, her teeth softly clamping on his arm in an attempt to stifle a loud groan.

Alex tensed, then playfully grabbed her hair and pulled her head away from him.  “You are such a witch sometimes Cassy it is unbelievable.”

Dazed, she blinked her eyes.  “So you have said; I think.”

“Heaven knows I could stay here and kiss you all day, but I think it would be a good idea if we got down there to do damage control before they totally trash your kitchen.”

His eyes were saying the exact opposite though as they continued to roam across her face, and very privately Cassy thought his idea sucked.  They could trash the kitchen as much as they liked!

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