Chapter five-found out part two

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Chapter five continued......

The full moon shone high in the sky. I looked down at my watch it was getting closer to midnight, only Ben had shown up. He was here half an hour ago; he'd gone inside but came out ten minutes ago waiting for the others. I liked to be last, make sure everyone was there. I listened to the trees whisper to each other, as a snap of twigs came from a few miles past the cave entrance. They were coming. I jumped down the side of the hill I was sat on. My camp hid in the bushes, yet to be put up and ready to sleep in. I ran in a wide circle around the group of people going toward the cave. I saw Fay, and Andy leading the small group; kiri was in the middle, weapons hung from her back. At the back stood Jake and Claire. I got a shiver down my spine as I looked at Claire, I didn't trust her, ever since I first saw her. But I didn't express it, I would keep my conspiracy against Bens girlfriend a secret; for now.

The meeting was much the same as others, we talked about the cave. I showed the rest of the group around leaving certain places out that I had lived in. We gathered back in the main hall. Ben began talking about new recruits as I sat back and pretended I was listening. It wasn't long till they changed subject to something more interesting. The wolf running around; me.

Jake had brought a paper, just as Ben had asked I guessed. The front news story was the wolf eating all farmers life stock.

"The paper says there's been a wolf running about. In the police description it says it's about eight feet tall, can walk on hind legs. But otherwise looks like a normal wolf," Jake started the discussion of what seemed to be a long night. I silently laughed at the wring description the police gave, i'm two feet smaller than eight foot, and look like a terrible furry human on hind legs so I don't do it often. Suddenly, Andy starts talking.

"You know that sounds a lot like this huge wolf I saw run into a barn a few nights ago," I began to get worried, but I hid it by trying to look interested. "And then I heard this low cry; then, this really creeped me out, a human walked out and ran west. It smelled musky. Not like a normal human. It was like I was seeing things."

"Well I guess that narrows it down," I said through gritted teeth.

"Your right Dylan. This means werewolf, probably male." Ben said. I never expected him to be sexist but here it was. I know there aren't many female wolves but that doesn't mean there cant be any.

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