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We were in the rental car headed from

The hospital her dad was dying. It was scary lookin at him. I drove and she looked at the window I'm talking about this baby situation when we get I the hotel.

Dani:*crying* Mommy?


Dani:Will Grandpa be ok?

Carrie:I hope so *still looking out the window wiping eyes*

Cj:*clapping to bandz a make her dance*

Chris:*laughs a little*

We were at the hotel and it was 12:00pm Cj and Dani were in there room. There room was connected with ours so it was ok. I sat on the bed and Carrie just got done putting on her night clothes.

Chris:Carrie you cheated one me

She froze her back towards me.


Chris:Come here

She walked towards me and I lifted up her shirt seeing a little baby bump.

Chris:*points to her stomach* That's not my child

Carrie:Chris I'm s-

Chris:You lied to me

Carrie:I don't wanna lose you

Chris:You said you'd never cheat! You said you were over Destiny's

Carrie:*crying* I DON'T NEED THIS RIGHT NOW!


I went to sleep on the couch. I can't believe her at all! She's suppose to be faithful to me..tell me everything! I can't trust her anymore no more!


The words repeated in my never miss a good thing till it's gone...


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