Want it all back

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We were on the plane and something was wrong with Carrie. She kept listening to my song it all back I could hear it from her earphones and she set it on repeat.

Chris:*takes the earphones out*

Carrie:*crying* Yes?

Chris:What's wrong with you?

Carrie:Nothing I just love that song and I love you and don't forget it!


Carrie:*puts the earphones back in and presses play in her iPhone*

Chris:*laughs a little*

I looked at her phone the lyrics on youtube. I looked good in those pictures. A message poped up from Diggy wich read:So your...

She clicked on it and I read the whole thing

Diggy:So your pregnant with my child!?

Carrie:Yea. 😔 I don't wanna lose Chris tho my life is horrible now! That's why I'm listening to want it all back!

Diggy:You can be with me!


She closed out of the messages...I didn't know what to feel how to feel!


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