Soon We'll Be Found

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Okay this is the first chapter of a new genra. This genra is VERY rare from what I have seen. So lets see how this goes.

-Naruto's POV-

I was once again woken up by ice water on my face. I shot up from my bed and glared at the assailant.

"When are you going to stop doing that?!" I ask him.

He chuckled, "Oh come on can't an old retired Hokage have a little fun?"
"No Saratubi, if you want to have fun find a different source instead of me!" I replied to him.

"Oh come on Naruto your the Hokage, you should be up already." He retorted.

I picked up my alarm clock and shoved it in his face, "Its 1 am!!!!"

"So?" He responded pushing the clock out of his face.

I grumbled and pointed to the door, "OUT!"

He chuckled before leaving, well can't go back to sleep now anyways. I got up and started heading to the bathroom to shower and warm up a little from the bucket of ice water to the face so early in the morning.

I grumbled as I jumped into the shower and turned the water on. How did all this happen again?

That's right when I was eight Saratubi found out that I was smarter and stronger than the average kid, the average adult for that matter, and made me a deal. First he wanted to know how I was so strong and I told him the truth. Kurama had taught every thing he knew to me since I met him when I was three.

I don't know wether I got my smarts from my father or mother, but me and Saratubi think maybe Kurama had something to do with it. Saratubi then tested me against a squad of ANBU. He started the fights from the lowest ranking one to the highest. I defeated the ANBU squad and just barely beat the captain.

Saratubi then took me under his wing and taught me everything he knew. It took me two years but I mastered everything he taught me and even have a summoning contact now, well actually two if you count the one Kurama gave me.

Kurama gave me a Kitsune contact and Saratubi gave me one for the wolves.

Then when I was ten we cooked something kinda weird up. Since I was now a little stronger than him and he wanted to retire so he made me the Hokage.

No one knows I am the Hokage except for him and the ANBU. Because we both know that no one in the village would accept the Kyuubii brat as their leader.

I stepped out of the shower and started getting dressed.

So we made a plan, I would henge into Saratubi and make a clone go take my place in the academy. The only time I'm not in the henge is when I'm alone or if its just me and the ANBU.

And so far it has worked Saratubi either henges into someone else or stays out of sight, no one suspects a thing.

I henge into Saratubi and make my way to my office.

I have been the Hokage for two years now, and plan to keep doing it. My clone is in the academy acting like an idiot and being alot weaker than what I really am. I pared my clones team up being Sakura and Sasuke as my teammates and Kakashi as the Jonin Sensei.

It's been a couple of weeks since I paired them up. Every night I disperse the clone to see what the clone has been doing, and its acting exactly as I want it to. It even made Sasuke my rival and that banshee as a ninja my crush. I groaned when I found that information out. Out of all people why her?! Ugh.

I thought it was kinda funny and smart that my clone said it wanted to be Hokage as my dream. It was smart, why would someone want something they already have. I thought it was kinda ridiculous that it did alot of ramen when the clone introduced me. I mean I like ramen but I don't adore it that much!

Once I reached the Hokage's office I stepped inside to see three ANBU in the shadows and a new stack of paperwork on my desk. I narrowed my eyes at it before I shut the door and dropped the henge, its just three of my trusted ANBU here why should I keep it up.

I walked over to my desk and sat down I pulled the papers in my lap and started looking over them. Alot were just more D ranked missions here in the village, but one in particular caught my eye.

It was ranked as a C rank but reading over the details said other wise. A bridge builder traveling back to the land of waves, ruled by Gato, needs to be protected from bandits and thieves. Wait if he is a bridge builder and he builds a bridge from the land of waves to the mainland then Gato would lose his rule, and I'm betting that that is whats going on.

There aren't many bandits or thieves in the route from here to wave country so I'm betting that he is wanting protection from anyone that Gato sends. This shouldn't be a C rank it would be a B or A rank.

I can't change it he probably made it a C rank because that was all he could afford. I can't send rookies out on it but I also can't send Jonins or ANBU so what am I going to do about this.

I got up and started pasing while looking at the mission form.

The ANBU watched the little Hokage as he pased and tried to figure out what to do about that mission. Suddenly the boy stopped and shot to his desk starting to do something to the form.

All three of them wondered what there little Hokage was planning.

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