Chapter 29

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A/N:Chris and Carrie used a condom in the other chapter!!!!💥 Kk.

💥The Next Day💥 (Carrie)

I woke up naked in Diggy's room..I noticed what I just did to Chris,what I just did to my family,what WE just did to me and Diggy's relationship. He was still sleep I put on my clothes and tried to sneak out the door.

Diggy:Where you going?

Carrie:Home *leaves*

Diggy:Bye...? *goes back to sleep*

I sat in my car crying still on his driveway..what the fuck did I just do?! I betrayed Chris..I don't even wanna see Diggy anymore. My stomach started to hurt badly and I got out the car and threw up..did we use a condom?

Carrie:*sits on the driveway* FUCK!

I just sat there beside my car. Beside my nasty yellowish throw up..if I'm pregnant it's all over way over! I got in the car and drove to the store and got a pregnancy test I paid for it and went in their bathroom to take it.


Ten Minutes Later

Carrie:*looks at the test*

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