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It wasn't the best of ideas, he would realize in hindsight. Especially since he was supposed to keep a low profile. Yet he couldn't just pretend to not notice what was going on, and even though a part of him wanted to do just that, he still found himself moving forward towards the disturbance.

The restaurant had by now grown entirely silent due to the showdown currently happening on one side of the room. Heads turned to watch him as he walked past, accompanied by the occasional whispers.

The Sigari saw him coming, and one pair of golden eyes in particular flickered towards him warily. His skin shivered into goosebumps. It was too late to turn back now anyway.

"Excuse me." Gabriel managed to sound calm despite the rapid pulse of his heart. As long as he appeared confident, that was all that mattered. He slipped a hand into his jeans' pocket, fumbling awkwardly for his phone. Four sets of cruel eyes shifted towards him and he earned a dismissive sneer.

"Bug off, man. We're busy here." A thug with a beanie pulled down to his pierced eyebrows made a shooing motion with his hand, lip curled mockingly.

It took some effort, but Gabriel smiled politely. He lifted his hands in a placating manner, though held his phone in one of them. With a thumb, he tapped the screen twice. Almost instantly, light flashed in their faces and his phone made a cheery little click. Stepping back a bit, Gabriel checked out his phone. Yup, those were some nice photos.

The first got all of their faces quite clearly. The second one showed varying expressions as the thugs had began to recoil from the flash. It was almost comical. He'd even got a couple of the Sigari as well. Unlike the young idiots in front of him, however, their faces didn't even so much as twitch between the photos.

"What the hell-?" came the confused mutter. It made Gabriel look up from his phone. Beanie appeared to be momentarily stunned, his brain taking its time to try and figure out where the bright light came from.

Unfortunately, his buddies weren't as slow. Expletives were spat, and suddenly Gabriel had the full attention of several furious young men. They came at him, forcing him to backpedal rapidly until he bumped into a table.

He raised his hands quickly. "Whoa, whoa, take it easy!"

A hand grabbed the front of his shirt, bunching the material before he was yanked forward. He nearly smacked noses with the thug who now held him by his shirt. Ridiculously thick brows wiggled all over the place as the face in front of him contorted into various expressions of anger.

"What was that?" The hand shook him. "Huh? What you trying to pull?"

The guy's breath reeked of alcohol. Gabriel tilted his head back, grimacing. A little awkwardly, he lifted his phone a little and gave it a shake. "If you don't let go of me, I'm going to hit send."

"Huh?" Attention moved from him to his phone. Gabriel took the opportunity to explain further.

"I've got some nice pictures, you know. Pictures that the Embassy would love to see. Things like a bunch of idiots terrorizing Sigari - that kind of thing will net you some quality jail time."

Beanie laughed, though it was full of false bravado. "You think we're gonna fall for that? You're the bleeping idiot."

"Am I?" Gabriel reached up, grabbed hold of the thumb on the hand holding him. He yanked it backwards. The thug howled a nasty expletive, instantly releasing Gabriel and cradling his hand. Huh. That had worked better than he thought it would. He put on a smile, facing the thugs who looked more than ready to jump him.

"So... Should I alert the nearest police and Embassy officers that you're here? Once they have your faces, they can track you down pretty quick. "

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