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Luke had been working at the tattoo parlour for over a year now, and everyday would always be the same as the day before.

People coming in to get tattoos as Luke and his co worker - and one of his closest friends - Michael ran the front desk, picking up calls for new appointments or writing down names. Michael occasionally being able to design his own tattoos, but that was very rare.

And today was no different. Luke stood behind the front desk, and wrote down the name and time of one of the callers that had booked an appointment.

The store's door suddenly slammed, and Luke knew very well who it was.

"Happy one year anniversary!" Michael walked in, (late as usual) saying his comment with a sarcastic tone, and waving his arms around.

"I can hardly contain the excitment." Luke joked along, with a chuckle.

"Nice to know we don't get a better paycheck for this special occasion." Michael said, leaping over the small door of the front desk, and standing beside Luke.

"Aren't our managers nice?" Luke asked, his voice prominent with sarcasm.

Michael laughed at Luke's comment, and began jotting down the times from phone calls Luke had missed.


"Bye Mikey!" Luke yelled, opening the shop's door to leave.

"Bye! Try not to get eaten." Michael yelled back, still keeping his head down, whilst typing something on the shop's computer.

"I'll try!" Luke laughed, and with that he exited the tattoo parlour, and walked onto the dark street.

The blonde placed his hands in his pockets, his head hung low. He looked around, his eyes focusing on all the buildings, and the occasional person that walked in one.

He then glanced up and saw something that caught his eye.

'Irwins' Florist'

"Huh." Luke huffed slightly to himself. He stopped his walking, and stared at the sign, sitting above a newly built shop.

The shop was obviously a flower shop, which was strange as it used to be a café. 'Café Le' Den', whatever the fuck that meant. The owner was a bitch anyways.

"I wonder who runs it -- " Luke muttered to himself, eyes scanning the shop.

It seemed small, but was probably bigger inside. It still had sheets covering everything, and the windows still had the plastic to keep them from being scratched.

He looked around, and continued walking. He kept his mind open, thinking about the tumblr-hipster girl that would probably run the place, and would probably despise having a tattoo place opposite it.

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