"We're doing what?" I asked the two girls standing in front of me on my porch. They just showed up randomly.

"We're gonna take a drive-"

"Stalk the school bus," Lydia interrupted Allison. The brunette glared at the strawberry blonde before continuing.

"We're just gonna take a drive and keep an eye on the kids inside-"

"Spy on Scott and Stiles," Lydia interrupted again. I stared at the two of them suspiciously, before nodding.

"Alright," I said, grabbing my bag and jacket, before following them out of the house.

"Wow, I thought you'd question us more," Lydia said.

"Eh, now I have a reason not to do my homework," I shrugged, as we all got into Allison's car. I once again took the back seat like I always do, while Lydia took passenger and Allison took driver. So, Scott and Stiles are on a cross-country trip, as well as Boyd, Isaac and Ethan.

Scott had recently been injured after a fight with the Alphas. Not only was he injured, but...Derek was killed.

What was weird was...I didn't even get an urge. I didn't scream. I didn't do anything. I had no idea it was happening. What does that mean for me?

Somehow, something's telling me he's not dead. Derek Hale cannot be dead. He just can't. It's not possible. We're talking about Derek Hale here! The man who was apparently impaled by his own uncle and thrown into the school one time, the man who had a pipe shoved through him only recently by Kali, one of the Alphas. This time, he fell off the ledge and dropped a long way down to the ground. Yeah, that would kill a human, but a werewolf? I don't know.

Either way, the sadness I felt when I heard the news was...surprising. I didn't think I'd feel so sad at the thought of a dead Derek. Eh, the Alpha's growing on me.


"I'm I getting too close? I'm getting way too close right now, aren't I?" Allison questioned as she drove. The bus was up ahead, and she sat up straight, eyes wide open as she watched it.

I only sat in the middle of the back seat and watched out the windshield, bored out of my freaking mind. "That depends. Are you just following the bus? Or do you plan on mounting it at some point?" Lydia asked, sarcasm in her voice.

"Yeah, I should back off," Allison spoke. I rolled my eyes.

"Well, that also depends. Do you mean the bus? Or the ex-boyfriend you're currently stalking?" Lydia questioned, more sarcasm enlaced in her words.

"Well, after what happened, I'm not letting him out of my sight." Lydia glanced at her friend. "And by the way, this all started when he came knocking at my door."

"For what?" I asked.

She was silent for a minute, before hesitantly answering with, "He found out I was at the school that night they trapped Boyd and Cora in the boiler room."

"You were at the school?" Lydia asked. She nodded. "I thought you and your dad made an agreement-"

"Don't mention the agreement," Allison interjected. After that, it was silent for a bit. That is...before I started complaining.

"Guys, a bathroom is really necessary at the moment," I said.

"No, we can't stop, we'll lose them," the brunette said quickly. I sighed.

"But I have a full bladder," I complained.

"You're full bladder can wait."

"What? So you want me to piss all over you seats?" I asked. She didn't respond, so I groaned in annoyance. After a couple seconds, I asked, "Please?"

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