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Black Tights and Mad Scientists [C O M I N G S O O N]

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[If anyone were to ask me at that moment if I truly gave two F' bombs about my 'research experience' then I would have given them a resounding 'No.' Not even the drop dead sexy guy sitting two tables in front of me could have given me the excitement and joy needed to pull myself through ten whole weeks. Of course I sulked. There was no hope whatsoever.]


Nadia Carey isn't much for 'social experiements' but when she's offered a chance to make her scholarship coordinator happy and earn money at the same time she hops on it. Researching science is definitely not on her to do list for the summer, but with a phone bill and car note to pay as well as her lovely black tights to buy she can't say no. She's bored of course, but when she discovers a secret her mentor Dr. Miranda Devereux has kept hidden since her arrival, she realizes that her summer is about to get a lot more interesting....and not in a good way.

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