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"I live the life of a kingpin"


"So, no job?" My father snipes as we eat dinner.

"No, barely any places are hiring."  I tell him.

My mother nods, "It's true, Darrell. It's hard to find a summer job."

He stays silent, poking his fork into his steak.  My mother looks over at me, "Tomorrow we're going to your grandfather's."

I groan, "Am I coming?"

"Of course you're coming."  My father snaps.

"Darrell," my mother whispers, covering his arm with her hand.

He sighs, "I'm just on edge, okay?  I'm finished with my dinner."  He picks up his plate and walks into our kitchen.

"I think it's work, apparently his boss has been giving him a rough time ever since we came back from France." My mother tells me.

I stay silent.

We finish our dinner in peace and my mother offers for me to watch TV with her before bed.  I agree, and we watch re-runs of Brooklyn Nine-Nine.

My mom falls asleep on the couch, so I place a blanket over her before heading up to my room. My dad intercepts me.

"Do you by any chance know who sent you the jewelry box?"  He questions and I immediately go into protection mode.

"No, why?"

"Just wondering.  Please, if they send you anything else, let me know."  He says and I frown.

"Sure..." I trail off and he turns back into his bedroom.

* * *

It's been a week and each day I received a new piece of jewelry and a note. I didn't tell my dad.

This was fun to pick out, I think the charms match your personality. -J The person sent, along with a pandora bracelet with a heart, a sun, a pink sapphire and a key charm.

I'm not sure if your ears are pierced, but I assume so. If not, bring them to me when we meet. -J  Came along with a pair of diamond earrings.  My ears were pierced, but even if they weren't I wouldn't have complained.

I want to see how glorious this will look on your precious chest, baby girl. -J It was a long necklace with a decorated owl pendant.

Don't worry, this isn't an engagement ring.  -J  This was the funniest one, making me giggle softly and hold the paper to my chest.  The ring had a small, purple rock on top and perfectly fit my ring finger.

Today, it was different.  When I open the box, there was no jewelry, only a key fob and a note.

Come work for me.  147 Waterfront Avenue. Building 2.  Meet me in office 435.  Say you're here for a job interview.

I will see you then, Allison.


My heart races and I feel myself getting hot.  I was scared, especially after my father's warning.  Was I really going to meet a stranger?

My first instinct is to text Sophie, but something stops me.  I see more black ink on the other side the paper and I quickly turn it over.

And, my sweet Allison, this stays between us.  Do not tell anyone, friends or family.  You may tell them once you officially accept the job.

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