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Here I am, an innocent bystander, watching another girl get pulled in by Mr. Perfect.

I roll my eyes and slam the locker shut, pulling my bag over my shoulder.

He pulls in those girls and makes them feel like they are the only one. Then of course, once they fall in love with him, he dumps them on the ground in pieces. The girls know he is a heartbreaker, but can't help getting pulled into the trap.

You may wonder how I know so much about this. I never fell for him after he turned this way.

Are you kidding? I don't date douches, honey.

In middle school, he was sweet, but in high school he knew how much girls wanted him an used that for his own enjoyment.

I know this because my best friend, or ex-best friend, Maya, fell for him. But the same thing happened to her.

I can never forgive him for what he did though. To her. To me.

I feel a tap on my shoulder, knocking me out of my gaze. I turn to see my closest best friend, Farkle.

"Hey Farkle." I say in a melancholy tone.

Farkle frowns, "What's wrong, Riley?" He follows my gaze to Lucas and his new victim, and a look of disgust washes over his face.

He looks back to me, "It hurts me too, Riley. He was my friend once, but not anymore. I just wish one of these times, a girl will change him or at least put him in his place."

I smile at Farkle. Farkle suddenly realizes my thoughts, "Riley, are you sure you could handle it?"

I sighed and looked at him, "If I can avenge Maya? Then yes."

Farkle sighs, "You should probably talk to her about this."

I sigh, "Yeah...will you come with me?"

He frowns, "I can't. But I'll see you guys later."

I sigh, "Okay bye."

I walk outside the school doors and head to the subway. I have to go see Maya, before I go home.


"Please keep your name tag on and leave your keys or any other sharp objects here." I nod at the front desk lady and do as she says.

I do through the doors into the living room-type area. I see my blonde-haired, blue-eyed friend sitting at the piano playing who knows what. I walk up to her, taking breaths with every step.

When she finally sees me, a look of surprise washed over her face. She stood up, "Riley."

I smile at her, "Hey."

Maya stares still surprised, "What are you doing here?"

My smile fades a little bit, "Can we talk?" Maya nodded, and we headed to the couch to sit down.

When we sat down, she finally smiled. "It's so good to see you." I gave her a hug.

"I missed you," I said as I pulled away.

Maya smiled, "I miss you too."

I smiled. My tone changed to worry as I asked, "How are you doing?"

She frowned, "Better, but not great." Maya sighed, "It's hard not to want to use the blade. I can't imagine what would happen if I came back, what would happen. With me. With Luc-".

"Don't mention that name." I snapped. Maya stood shocked with a slight look of fear in her eyes. I sighed at her, "He's not worth it."

Maya let a small tear escape, "I know."

I smiled at her, "That's why I'm here. I want to get him back. Hurt him. Make him feel what every girl feels."

Maya had a confused look on her face, "What? You want to break the heart of the heartbreaker?"

I smiled, "For you. Yes."

Maya sighed, "Riley, I will help you. Only to help all the other girls whose heart he's broken."

We started to plan out everything. From what to do. How to act. All these rules to follow to be a heartbreaker. But then I had to leave because visiting hours were ending.

Maya sighed at me and gave me a hug.

"Are you ready to become a heartbreaker?

I smiled, "I know I'm ready." I put on a devilish grin, "it's time to break his heart."

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