Chapter 1

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Narrator POV

Karla Camila Cabello was sentenced to three years after robbing a store on more than one occasion for fan merchandise and refusing to plead guilty. Allyson Brooke Hernandez was arrested for protesting in the streets  and encouraging others to join her after being reported several times. Normani Kordei knew she was busted for sure after a cop watched her collect money illegally for participating in various flash mobs. Dinah Jane Hansen assaulted three police officers after they threatened to kick her and her friends out of a Beyonce concert for "annoying" other fans. Lauren Michelle Jauregui had gotten away with various crimes, but was eventually arrested for selling and smoking enormous amounts of illegal marijuana. 

The juvenile detention center in Atlanta, Georgia, picked up groups of restricted delinquents from the airport and drove them to where they would be spending their sentence. On June 20, 2015, Ally, Camila, Dinah, Lauren, and Normani took a seat in a secure van with one of their hands locked onto the seat for safety reasons. The five girls sat in silence for most of the ride, occasionally giving each other weird looks, until a building that resembled a prison came into view.

"Don't tell me that's the shit we're going to be living in," Lauren warned, brushing her jet black hair back with her fingers as she glanced out of the window. 

"I hope the food isn't too bad," Ally admitted.

The other three girls didn't respond to their comments, but they were definitely focused on something else. Dinah bounced her knee up and down nervously and avoided eye contact with all of the girls no matter what.

"Ladies!" the driver yelled, turning his head to face them before the other guard began to unlock their handcuffs, allowing them to get out and view their new home. 

A barbed wire fence came into view as they jumped out of the van one by one and darted their eyes around the facility in front of them. 

"Dang. I was really imagining this place to look half decent, but boy was I wrong," Dinah finally spoke up, crossing her arms in front of her chest. 

"It's like a real prison," Camila added shyly. 

The guards lined the girls up in alphabetical order and began patting them down vigorously. 

"Watch it," Normani warned as the male officer carefully searched up and down her body. 

Once they were all thoroughly searched and asked a few questions, the men allowed them to get of their line so that they could address all of the girls as a group.

"Hello girls," the older guard spoke with no emotion in his voice. "This juvenile detention center is run as if it is a prison. From now on, we will refer to you all as "inmate". Pay close attention to the announcements over the intercom and remember your inmate number in case you are called down. Food will be served three times a day and besides snacks, that is the only time you will be allowed to eat. Make sure to shower at least once every other day or we're going to have a problem. No funny business either. Address your officers, guards, and all other staff as ma'am or sir. Be respectful to your other inmates or you'll regret it," he warned, looking at the other guard as he nodded his head.

"We'll tell you more once we get inside. I'm Officer Lee and that is Mr. Brooks. Please get back into your alphabetical order and keep your hands behind your back until we tell you otherwise."

As they followed the guards, a dilapidated and dull sign came into view.

Welcome to Harmo Juvenile Detention Center

(Author's Note) Hello everyone! You may know me from my other fanfics and I am super excited to be writing this one! I came up with this idea at the most random time and after recently beginning to watch Orange is the New Black, I thought this would be a cool way to sort of combine them both. You may see some of your favorite Fifth Harmony ships throughout this fanfic too. Please add this to your library for updates and thank you so much for reading the first chapter!

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