Chapter 9- Perfection

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"And go left," Landon said as he pointed at the road I needed to take. We had been in the car for about an hour since we ditched Jill at the mall and he was apparently taking me to Narnia for dinner. I just nodded though and enjoyed the free time with him.

"What's your favorite attribute of Jill's?" I asked out of the blue making him shift uncomfortably. I looked at him since we were on a back road and no one was driving around us and took note of the way he played with his fingers. "Landon?"

"She has amazing hair," he said and I grimanced. Hair? That was the thing that attracted him to her? And that's what's keeping him around?

"And your favorite quality of hers?" I asked again looking at him.

He shifted uncomfortably meeting my eyes. "She's really caring when she wants to be," he mumbled.

"How did you guys meet?" I asked.

He then glared at me. "Why is all of this being asked of me? You don't give a shit about her! So why ask questions!?"

"I just thought-"

"Well stop thinking," he snapped and then looked out the window. I just nodded feeling a bit hurt that he yelled at me. Why is it every time I say something about his engagement he snaps at me? Its like he wants me to be his side hoe for real.

Suddenly he sighed. "I'm sorry," he mumbled. "Its just every time I think we can hang out in peace you bring her up. She's not impoarant when its you and I."

"But she should be," I whispered.

"Why can't you just leave it be while we're alone?" He said back and I looked at him.

"You make me feel like a side hoe and I don't like that," I said. He turned to me and opened his mouth but I cut him off. "I know we don't like each other its just you shelter me from knowing a big part of your life and I hate that, Landon."

He suddenly cupped my face and made me look at him. "She drives me crazy on a daily basis. I just don't want to talk about her."

Again he blows it off. "Landon, why did you you ask her to marry you if you weren't ready?"

He sighed. "Turn in right there and once we sit down you can ask me all the questions you want, okay?" He said quietly and I nodded. I didn't want to feel like this anymore so maybe if I understood the basics of their relationship I would be more controlled and start to lose feelings I didn't believe in, in the first place.

I parked in a small gravel lot that could only hold about five cars and we both slid out. I was about to ask him where we were going when he put his hand on the small of my back and lead me over to a cute, small, black trailer with white Christmas lights connected to poles so it looked like stars over a few tables. It was absolutely beautiful and yet so simple.

"What is this place?" I asked In a whisper.

"Its called Romance," he replied and I snorted. "No literally that's the name, love." I laughed as he guided me to a black table with only two chairs. Thank god it actually felt good outside today or I would be pissed.

"And is that my favorite London boy!?" I heard a man yell and then suddenly Landon was being picked up like he was five in a hug. He was huge so you have to know the guy who did it was a giant. He was big, dark skinned, and had big chocolate eyes. He was also seven foot.

"Oh my god you found a midget!" He cheered and I smiled from where I was sitting.

"Mike, this is my best friend, Andrew Sterling," Landon introduced me and I smiled at the way he said my full name. It sounded like he was supposed to be saying my name. That damn accent.

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