Preference 7: Cute Things He Does

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Preference 7: Cute Things He Does

Louis: From three minutes to three days, Louis always dedicates his free time to you. If you are in within driving distance he is always by your side. If Lou is in a different country, he spends his free time either face-timing, text or talking to you on the phone. He tries to make you feel like you aren't alone even if you are thousands of miles apart.

Zayn: No matter what the circumstance, Zayn always kisses you good bye. Sometimes even if its just leaving the room for a minute he loves to lock lips. Zayn is addicted to your kiss as much as the rest of you and he uses his kisses to assure you that he will always be coming back.

Niall: Niall is a strong believer in ladies first. He always opens you door and politely leads you in. This action even applies to his eating habits. He always let you serve yourself before he even picks up a plate.

Liam: Liam always walks on the curb side of the street when you guys are out walking. Its his way of protecting you from harms way without being too drastic. Even if you are just walking through a parking lot, he would put himself out there to keep you safe.

Harry: This sweetheart always waits for you to fall asleep before he even attempts to. Insomnia has been a bit of a problem for a long time and even though having a warm body to cuddle with helps, it doesn't cure it. He wants you to feel safe and protected as well as have your proper rest.

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