Chapter ~2~

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Cookie: Yo yo yo! Chapter 2! Hehe, thanks for all the comments! So fun to read. XD And thank you voters! You're awesome. Amyscence if you're reading this you're going to want to smack me. LOl. I didn't change Gio, he's still the same. I can't help it if his personality is so...*cough* Gio is Gio, outrageous. >.<

Towards the end of this chapter I was a bit unsatisfied with what I had written. Hmm, maybe I'll go back one day and fix whatever it is thats bugging me about it. lol

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(Giovannie's POV)

"Oi, Gio. You have a really perverted look on your face."


"Don't 'hmm' us," one of my best friends shot me a look, "come on, spill it."

"Spill what?"

A snort followed. "You tell us. You've had that look on your face all day."

"What look?"

"Like a cat who had just gotten his paws on a really yummy dish of milk."

Oooh, is that how I looked like whenever my mind wandered to the steamy scene between Hunter and I just a day before? I was still royally ticked at him for tricking me but I couldn't help but want to purr whenever I thought of how he felt on top of me. How fantasic his lips moves with hot...

"There you go again."

I put on my best "whaaa?" innocent expression.

"So, are you going to tell us who keeps putting that "I wanna get screwed" expression on your face whenever you think of them?"

I smiled. "What do you guys think of Hunter?"

Ben was the first to respond, fanning himself with a hand. "Hunter? Thee Hunter? Oh be still my heart. That boy is H-O-T hot."

"Boy?" Tyler snorted, "that guy is aaaall man. As soon as he walks into the vicinity I want to throw my boxers at him."

I grinned at them. Ben and Tyler has been my best pals since our middle school years. We just gravitated towards each other and since then we haven't been apart. We've never been romantically involved with one another (thank god) and we were just fine with that. No need to mess up the very good relationship we had together.

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