Note: This non-chapter-upFate was posted during a time when I had to take a break from writing new scenes, which I explained to readers was due to the super intense Bar exam. I had terrible Fateful withdrawal during those few weeks, which was why I wanted to stop by and post something! For anyone who's seeing it now, I do hope you'll read it and reply to the questions below, if you'd like! :)

Hello my dear Fatefuls!!! So, as I've mentioned often in author's notes/comments, my dream is to get The Fates published (and hopefully turned into a TV series someday)!  I haven't yet submitted the manuscript, for various personal/practical reasons, but I *might* start sending it out sometime after this damn Bar exam...

And as I psych myself up for that possibility, I would LOVE to hear from y'all as to whether/why you think The Fates should be published!! :3  Your feedback throughout this journey has meant a ton to me, and if there's anything else you'd like to say about the series now, please do :D

Here are some questions you can feel free to answer, or just talk about whatever ;)

1. What first drew you to The Fates?

2. How has the series kept your interest?

3. Who are your favorite characters/couples and why?

4. Has The Fates made you feel things, and/or inspired you in any way?

5. What (if anything) do you think sets the series apart from other books? (in terms of content, writing style, both, neither, whatever!)

Plus anything else!! Please say as much or as little as you'd like; I'd love to hear it all ^.^

Thanks so much for all your awesome support!! Much luv as always to all my dear Fatefuls :D

Oh and if you love The Fates, please don't forget to click that little star on this update :) ❤️

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