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"I will be brave, I will not let anything take away what's standing in front of me"

Izi's POV

I was slumped on the couch in my pj's, still exhausted from last nights events even though I'd overslept. When my phone started ringing in the kitchen, I reluctantly pulled myself up and went to answer it. Liam's name popped up on the screen,

'That's weird.' I thought pressing accept and holding the phone to my ear;

"Liam Payne, what can i do for y-"

"Izi." His voice was frantic and shaky.

"Liam? What's wrong?"

"I'm coming to pick you up now. It's Harry." His voice was echoing and I could tell he was in the car.

"What are you talking about?" I started to panic.

"He's in hospital. I don't know what's happened, Preston rang. I'll be at yours in two minutes." He hung up and I freaked out. I sprinted to my room and threw on a pair of leggings and a baggy grey jumper, pulling my ugg boots onto my feet and rushing to collect my things. I walked out the front door just as Liam pulled up in front of my house. I shielded myself from the rain that was starting to fall and climbed into the car.

"Liam what the fuck is going on? What happened?" My hands were shaking as I watched Liam reverse and speed down the street.

"I don't know. Preston just rang and said they found him unconscious at home and he was in hospital." He sped around a corner, stopping at a traffic light a little way down the road. My mind was racing;

'What happened to him? Fuck, please be okay. Please, please.." I was lost in my own world as Liam pulled into the underground car park of the Royal London Hospital. I opened my door and followed him into reception. Preston and Louis were sitting on a chair outside a private room, you could tell Lou had been crying. Their heads shot up when they heard us walk in, getting to their feet and meeting us half way down the corridor.

"What happened?" Liam said, his voice calm as it so usually was.

"They found him unconscious in his bathroom. He'd fallen and smacked his head." Preston explained as Louis looked down at his feet.

"Do they know why..?" Liam asked cautiously, fearing he may already know the answer.

"They found a bag of cocaine spilt on the bathroom counter.." Preston said slowly. My head shot up;

"W-what?" I stuttered. I was shaking now, and tears were rolling down my face. "He said he wouldn't.. He said.. Why?" Liam put his hand on my back, rubbing it gently to calm me down,

"Iz, you have to be calm. Please. Please just breathe.." he cooed softly.

"Is he awake?" I shot at Preston, he shook his head,

"They've put him on anesthetic. He should be awake in a couple of hours." This can't be happening. Why would he do it? He promised he wasn't going to. Fuck, if I'd just convinced him to stay for lunch this wouldn't have happened.

"Does Anne know?" Liam questioned, still rubbing my back soothingly. Preston nodded;

"She should be here in about half an hour. She was the one that rang Louis."
I turned to the feather haired boy who was still looking down at his feet, a tear rolling off his nose as he sniffled.

"Can we see him?" I asked hopefully. Preston shook his head,

"Only family until he wakes up. Come on, all we can do is wait." He motioned Liam and I to the chairs he and Louis were previously sitting on. I collapsed into the chair, leaning my head against Preston's shoulder. We couldn't have been waiting for more than ten minutes before Niall was making his way down the corridor.

"Paps and fans everywhere.." he muttered, sitting down next to Liam. They explained to him what had happened and he leant back in the chair, squeezing his eyes shut and putting his hands behind his head.

"Can't believe this.." he murmured, "thought he was clean.." We sat in silence for what felt like hours before we were ripped from our thoughts as a woman's voice filled the corridor,

"Anne Cox. I'm Harry Styles' mother." she said to the receptionist at the desk, before her eyes caught sight of us all sitting in the waiting area. She rushed to us, all the boys standing up as she enveloped them all in a group hug. She pulled away, giving Preston a quick hug before she turned to me. She looked frantic, her eyes full of worry and red from crying.

"You must be Izi," she said softly, I nodded at her and she pulled me into a hug. I instantly relaxed into her, a part of me wishing my own mum was here to comfort me. She pulled away as a nurse said her name, directing her into Harry's room.

Anne came out about fifteen minutes later, a relieved look on her face.

"He's awake and he's okay. Just needs rest. You can go in and see him. But go one by one." she spoke softly. Louis was the first one up. Followed by Liam and then Niall and then Preston. I hovered at the door when I was showed inside. He was lying in a hospital bed, connected to heaps of wires, his black eye from the night before looking even more prominent because of the huge gash beside it. He turned to me as he heard the door click closed, a smile playing on his face.

"Hey.." I whispered. He shuffled across in the bed, making room for me as he motioned for me to climb up. I did, lying my head on his chest gently, listening to his steady heart beat. He placed a long arm around my body.

"So, what happened?" I finally asked, feeling his body shift as he sighed heavily.

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