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I'm still having a ball with this. And it'll only get better.

*Harry's POV*

"That won't do." I told him making him take off the picnic blanket looking shirt.

"C'mon put on a tight white shirt. Leave the jeans and grab your leather. We'll then be able to go." I told him chewing my gum.

He just say there and stood at me and he start clapping. "Zayn we don't have all day." I said.

"I thought the club closed at 4 a.m. It's only 10." He said.

"I know I'm trying to catch someone when they go on, now will you come on." I said clapping again and he started to change.

"Perfect now let's go." I said yanking him out his bedroom door and down the stairs. His mum turned to look at us.

She was sitting on the couch reading a book. "Oh boys you're going out?" She asked.

"Yes he's 18 now and I'm helping him get-" Zayn cut me off.

"Snacks. He's helping me get snacks for the sleepover we're having at his house." Zayn said and I laughed.

"Alright bye. See you tomorrow." She said going back to her books.

When we made it to the front and out the door he hit me upside my head. "We're you really just about to say helpmeet get my dick wet." He whisper yelled.

"Hey I promote honesty. Plus I bet she already knows." I said and he hit me again.

"Alright fine keep hitting me. And we're not going anywhere." I said.

"Thanks! You just made this evening more eventful for me." He said turning and walking back towards the door.

I grabbed him by his jacket opening my car door and shoving him in. I then whistle over to the drivers side and climbed in. "This is probably considered kidnapping." He said.

"Actually you turned 18 today remember you're not a kid anymore." I said smiling and pulling out.

"It's still called kidnapping even if you are older than the teen age. Plus I wasn't a kid when I was-" I cut him off groaning.

"So when we going there you can't do that. Keep talking about irrelevant shit no one cares about." I said.

"You're so mean to me." He said.

"It's fine you put up with me for all these years." I said popping a cigarette in my mouth and lighting it at a stop light.

Zayn cracked the window and I handed him the cigarette. I smirked hopefully he'll start loosening up.

When I pulled up in front of the strip club the lights were going on. If was so colorful. Just like I remembered.

I got out the car pulling out my I.D and Zayn pulled out his sighing. The man let us in and I went straight over to the counter. I got two shots of tequila to start this night off right.

I gave one to Zayn and he he put it down in 3 seconds sticking out his tongue after wards. I laughed.

I walked up to a man in drag. They don't always dress in drag but some do. I knew him though. It was Nancy.

"Nancy how you doing?" I asked her.

"Fine and yourself?" She asked.

She talked like Big Ang but I loved her she was cool.

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