**8 years later**

“HARRY! YOU BETTER NOT STILL BE IN BED!” I screamed up the stairs from the kitchen. “THE GUESTS ARE GOING TO BE HERE IN HALF AN HOUR!”

“Getting in the shower now! Oh, and Darcey needs changing!” His voice called back, and I groaned.

“You change her! I’m cooking!” I yelled back, shaking my head with a smile on my face.

It’s been eight years since the show ended, and a lot has happened in that time. For starters, me and Harry got married two years ago. Yup! There was a lot of media surrounding it, rumours that I was pregnant because I was getting married at 24.

But, I wasn’t pregnant then. Nope! I got pregnant 6 months after the wedding, and now guess what? Me and Harry are the proud parents of two twin girls, Darcey and Sarah. You can probably tell who named who.

Oh, and Mads and Niall got together about a year after the whole ‘Nathan’ incident. They’re still together now, and Harry told me yesterday that Niall is thinking of proposing soon. We haven’t heard from Nathan and David in 7 years, they went to trial and were found guilty of changing the results, I’m not really sure what happened to them after that.

Speaking of Niall and Mads, they are coming round to mine and Harrys house for lunch along with the rest of the boys soon. It’s been a while since we’ve all had chance to just chill out, what with all our busy schedules and what not. We’ve all just finished a worldwide tour, which was a joint tour for the lot of us. Yes, touring with new born babies is difficult.

“Harry are you ready yet?! They’re here!” I called up the stairs half an hour later, and he poked his head out of our bedroom door.

“Coming!” He said, dashing down the stairs with a baby tucked into each arm.

“Honestly, one day you’re going to drop one of them” I smiled, taking Sarah from him.

“Yeah yeah, whatever, you know I’m a ninja really” He laughed, poking my arm as the doorbell rang.

“Come in!” I called, and the door flew open to reveal Louis, Zayn, Liam, Niall and Mads.

“There are my babies!” Mads cooed, running up to Harry and taking Darcey. “How are my little muffins? You’re getting so big!”

“Girl, you calling my babies fat?!” I exclaimed, and we both burst out laughing.

“Well if they’re anything like there mum they’re going to be obese by the time they reach their second birthday!” She laughed, and I hit her arm gently.

“If you weren’t  holding my baby I would beat the snot out of you” I smiled, shaking my head. “Hey guys!”

“Oh look, she remembers us” Liam laughed, as the lads came into the house and shut the door.

“Chicks before dicks” I said, bringing up an old inside joke from years ago. Long story.

“Bros before hoes” Zayn countered, and everyone ‘ooooohh’ed.

“Niall, do me a favour and take the baby” I said, handing Sarah to him. He took her quickly, giving me time to launch myself onto Zayns back and mess his hair up.

“Take that Malik!” I laughed, as he ran around the living room trying to throw me off.

Somehow he managed throw me on the sofa and sit on my back. I have no idea how, all I know is he is very heavy.

“Ugh, get to the gym mate” I moaned, trying to wriggle my way free.

“Just for that…” He smirked, and wiggled his bum into the back of my head.