How you meet the guys.

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"Come on. It'll be fun." Pete says begging you to come to his party. Parties aren't really your thing though but he really wants you to come.
"Alright. I'll come. But I will leave if it gets to much." You laugh at his puppy dog face. He leans over and kisses you on the cheek.
"You won't regret it." He grins hugging you. You roll your eyes.
"I'll see you tonight." he grins and walks out of your house. I smile and begin to choose an outfit for tonight.
-------------------two hours later---------
You knock on his front door. A tall ginger opens it.
"Hi." You say. He grins.
"Hi." He says back letting you in. You see the crowds of people everywhere  your face drops.
"Not a party person are you?" The ginger says.
"Not really." You laugh. "I'm here because my boyfriend wanted me to be here." You say.
"You have a boyfriend?" The guy says.
"Yeah. Oh I never got your name." You say.
"It's Andy. And you are?" Andy smiles.
"Y/N." You smile back.
"Come on let's head to the video room. That's where most people are." He says. I nod and follow him. We walk inside.
"Andy!" A guy with bushy hair shouts.
"Hey Joe." Andy replies.
"Who's the chick?" Joe says. You raise your eyebrows and give him the 'really' look. He shrugs.
"This is Y/N. I'm helping her find her boyfriend." Andy says.
"Damn girl. Your boyfriend is a lucky sod." Joe laughs.
"Well since I'm not a fan of parties. I hope he knows that." I sigh. Joe chuckles.
"Well come on." He says skipping ahead of us. I look at Andy in astonishment. He shrugs.
"I have got no clue." He laughs and we continue walking. We finally make it to the video room.
"Hey guys. And stranger." A blonde haired guy says. His fedora slipping of his head.
"Hey Pat." Joe says.
"This Y/N. She's trying to find her boyfriend." Andy says putting his arm around my shoulder. I elbow him in the side. It hurt me more than it hurts him.
"I would suggest you take your arm off my girlfriend Hurley or god help me I will kick your arse." The voice of my boyfriend Pete says. I laugh. As Andy quickly takes his arm off me.
"She's your girl?" Joe asks surprised.
"Yep." Pete say hugging me. I smirk.
"Thanks for helping me find him." I laugh the guys smile at us. I know we'll get along alright.

Y/f/t/s stands for your favourite TV series. Andy:
Your boyfriend Andy had stayed the night at your house. Nothing happened. You just watched y/f/t/s. There's some voices outside your window.
"Come on guys the gps signal is coming from here. I'm curious what he does when he's not hanging out with us." A voice says. Suddenly there's a knock on your door. You get up and open it. The three men on your porch gasp.
"So sorry miss. We were looking for our friend." The blond guy says.
"At 6am. Geez you people have problems." You laugh.
"Y/n where the hell is the TV remote?" Andy yells.
"Try under the couch." You yell back.
"Got it!" He yells. You look back at the three men on your porch.
"Can we come in? I think that was our friend." The guy with the fro laughs. You nod and they come in rushing into the living room. Andy yells and falls off the couch.
"WHY DIDNT YOU TELL US YOU GOT A GIRLFRIEND?" They yell in unison. You laugh.
"Shit." Andy mutters. The pink haired guy smacks his head.
"Well?" You ask.
"Err Y/N. This is the rest of my band. Pete, Patrick and Joe." Andy explains hugging you from behind.
"Well it's nice to meet you." You snigger. They smile.
"Well sorry to say this but please leave." Andy says. You shake your head at him.
"At least get them coffee. I'm gonna get out of my pjs." You announce leaving them downstairs.
"You got a good girl Hurley." Pete laughs.
"Shut up Wentz." Andy says jokingly.

You wake up to your phone ringing.
"Hey Joey." You say.
"JOE TROHMAN! YOU DIDNT TELL US YOU WERE DATING?!" A guy who rang you shouts at Joe. You laugh.
"Shut up." Your boyfriend groans.
"Morning babe. That was Pete. Nosy cow." He mutters.
"Morning baby. Do you want to go out for coffee this morning?" You ask him.
"Yep meet you at Starbucks in ten." He says and hangs up. You pull on your shoes and walk out of the house you were already dressed for the day. Thank god. You go in and order a coffee and get a table by the window and stare out of it as people rush past to get to work. Suddenly something blocks out your sight and says guess who in a low voice.
"The president." You say.
"No." The voice replies.
"Ray Toro then." You say the same answer comes back.
"Fine Joe you win." You mutter as you get your eyesight back. He pecks you on the lips. You smile softly as he hugs you. Suddenly you see three other guys standing there awkwardly. You let go of Joe.
"Which one of you is Pete?" You ask as the black hair guy raises his hand you slap him lightly.
"That was for waking me up early jerk." You say and sip your coffee Joe smirks. The guy with black hair sniggers the other two laugh.
"The blonde one is Patrick. And the ginger is Andy." He says. You nod as they all join you at the table. You spend the whole morning talking.

You were Pete's younger sister so you already knew him. Patrick and Pete were both taking you to a fair. Well Patrick was. Pete was just following you guys. You eventually got there when two people picked up your boyfriend and spun him around. You and Pete just stood there laughing. They eventually put him down. He pouts.
"Hey guys." He mutters hugging you. The guys roll their eyes.
"I'm Joe. The ginger's Andy." One of the guys says. You nod.
"I'm y/n. " you shrug.
"My girlfriend." Patrick adds.
"And my sis." Pete continues. You laugh and shake your head. Patrick pulls you into the fair. You end up having a lot of fun.

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