Chapter (2)

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How much heart ache can a heart take before it breaks?

Two weeks had passed since the dinner. The dinner which aired the Alpha's plans, which as a result had ended all communication between myself and my brother. It had been two painful weeks of silence; our once unbreakable relationship was now shattered.

Only a few words which had been shared between us, was a small hello and pass the salt. All my attempts to restore our relationship had failed; with his mental shield fighting away any chance I had to talk to him telepathically. The only conclusion that I could draw from his actions, was that he was still disgusted with me.

Though the only small comfort I could take; was that he was also ignoring my parents. Which as selfish as it sounds gave me a little hope that in time our relationship could be patched back together.

I sighed loudly and fixed the wrinkles in my light blue dress, my mind now turned to this evening's event- tonight would perhaps topple the dinner.

Which brings my mind back to the question that has been replaying in my mind all night; how much heart ache can a heart take before it breaks? Or should I say how much pain could the heart take that was self-inflicted?

The answer baffled me, though by the end of the night I would be experiencing perhaps a whole new level of heart ache, the sadness washed though my body as I reminded myself of what I was to do tonight.

My eyes drifted from the outside gardens to the picture next to my bedside table.  Reaching over and picking it up, I stared at the couple. Lust, happiness and love clear in both pairs of blue eyes.

The way he held his arm protectively around her shoulders, pulling her closer towards him, making any ounce of space non-existent. The smirk on his face would make one think he had robbed a bank and got away with it. The charming, loveable smirk of his; which is one of his trade mark features.  Though nothing compared to his piercing blue eyes; those eyes which I could never hide from. The reason that this picture held so much importance was because it was taken on the night that I fell madly in love with my best-friend.



I stood outside of the castle at the top of the large bluestone steps, waiting; waiting for Nick. I hadn't seen him in weeks; he had been running boundaries with the defence wolves.  I had a strong suspicion that it was under my father's influence; which angered me, though I could understand his reasoning.

He was trying to make it easier for me to separate from Nick until I... Until I was mated with Prince Connor; a dull ache began to appear in my chest. I still was unsure how I would proceed with the plan, which I had no choice but to undertake.

 I nodded my head down to guests that arrived, all here to celebrate Nick's birthday. Tonight was Nick's 18th birthday, well to be correct tomorrow was his birthday. But tomorrow my chance to say good bye to him would be lost. I couldn't be more pleased that his parents organized his party for tonight.

Tonight was it, I only had tonight. The last night with my best friend and boyfriend and just like Cinderella I only had to midnight, because after midnight Nick could mate; and my father feared that I was his mate and sadly so did I.

Not that I could be sure if we were or not; nobody knows until they are 18 years of age. But when you find them you are supposed to feel complete, as if your life had no meaning without them. These were the feelings I had with Nick. My love for him was blinding and the mere thought of us being apart sent sharp pains across my chest.

But I had no choice, the country came first, the throne came first and the pack came first. So I had only one choice and that was to ensure that Nick and I had no contact when he came of age. I couldn't be near him till I was mated with Prince Connor, even if it was against natures plan. Sadness began to wrap its firm grasp around my heart again.

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