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In one week exactly at approximately midnight you and one companion are to meet me at the Old Henderson Lodge. You are to tell no one else of the contents of this letter. I will assure your safety and the safety of your companion as long as the condition is met


After getting the letter last night I waited until we came home to read it's contents to Derek. The others know I was able to see something on it but not what it says. I couldn't understand what this letter had to do with me. Why would the Vampire king wish to meet with me? Derek didn't seem to have many answers and the ones we thought could help us we couldn't exactly tell.

I knew I should probably burn the letter so it couldn't somehow be discovered by anyone else but I wanted to keep it. I keep thinking there must be something I am missing. I folded the letter gently and stuck it in my book and locked it in the safe. That was the best I could do for now until I figured out what else to do with it.

In less then three hours was the pack get together where he would introduce me. I didn't even know what to wear to these things. I decided to go with a summer dress.

After taking a shower and blow drying my hair a knock sounded on the door. I tried to scramble around to find some clothes to throw on quickly.

"I will be right there," I hollered hoping whoever it was heard me.

Derek was at the pack house finishing the preparations for the party so I was all alone. Dressed in one of Derek's shirts and a pair of joggers I opened the door.

"Finally," Melly said as she pushed past me bringing Ana with her.

"I was getting dressed," I closed the door behind them and followed them to my living room.

"Ok we brought makeup a flat iron,curling iron and" Ana went on and on.

"Figured you would want help getting ready for your big night," Melly cut in. Ana just shrugged. Melly could be over bearing sometimes.

"Well,I picked out a dress," I shrugged.

"Good. Lets start there. Once we know what your wearing we can perfect your look," Melly said.

Ana began giggling as we headed up the stairs.

I picked up the dress I had picked out and showed it to them. Mellys eyes scrunched up then she turned towards my closet. Here we go. I plopped down on the bed and waited as she swiped through the items in my closet.

"We need classy and elegant with a touch of Vera Wang," she said. I just rolled my eyes.

"Melly I'm just meeting the pack," I whined.

"It's much more then that,"she smiled "trust me. I live at the pack house," she finished.

"What do you mean?"

"A few snot nosed brats think he lied and your not his real mate. Your mark will prove that though," Ana chimed in.

"How?" I was confused. All mates received a mark. Mine was very intricate but I figured it was because Derek was a High Alpha.

"It is hard to explain. You will just have to see later," Melly shrugged.

I began to think about it as they pulled and prodded and fixed my hair. The dress they chose was silver and black and poofed out from my waist to my knees. Derek had only said I couldn't show anyone my complete mark, which went from my neck down my back until tonight. The only part visible was my neck. When they handed me the clothes they gave me a small jacket to put on over it.

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