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Three months earlier


My phone rings repeatedly as many people rsvp to the party I was throwing tonight.

My parents left me alone as they toured France, thinking I was mature enough to handle myself.  I ate a box of Kraft Dinner each night,  and I've been planning this party ever since they left.  Practically the whole school was coming, even the younger grades.  I didn't mind, I was going to make sure I left that high school with a bang.  I was accepted to the University of Toronto, and it was only an hour subway ride to get downtown each day.

I walk upstairs to get ready, almost tripping over my dog, Gloria.

"Jesus," I say, rolling my eyes.  "Do you really have to sit in the middle of the rug?"

As usual, she rolls onto her back, her tongue lolling out onto the floor.

Returning to my room, I pick out a white crop top and light blue ripped jeans.  Thanks to my OCD parents, my house was always clean, so I didn't have to do any sort of tidying up before people came.  After changing I set up many tables, filled with alcohol and cups. 

I know other people would bring drugs, but I wouldn't involve myself in them tonight. I have to be a bit of a prude tonight, to make sure my house doesn't get completely trashed. 

A knock sounds on my front door and I quickly rush to get it.  I swing it open to reveal my best friend, Sophie.  "Girl, you will not believe who I got to come tonight!"  She squeals, running into my house.

"Who?" I ask, closing the door after her.

"Alex and all his really hot friends!" She yells, jumping up and down clapping.

"Who are his friends?"

"I don't know, but they're hot as fuck."

"I don't want strangers in my house, Soph!"  I groan.

"Please," she rolls her crystal blue eyes.  "You honestly think random people won't come anyways?"

I sigh again as I wave her off.  I suppose she was right, it was a house party, anyone can walk in if they want.

Sophie sits down beside me her hand softly smacking my arm.  "Lighten up! This is our first of many parties this summer." She smirks arrogantly before drowning a shot of my vodka.

"You didn't bring anything?"  I shame her.

"I have weed in my purse, of course I didn't come empty handed."  She hits me again and I raise my hands in surrender.  "Now, don't sit there like a loser, we have doors to open!" 

As if on cue, my doorbell rings and many girls from our school saunter in the doorway.  Some were already drunk, others had bottle of alcohol in their hands.  We weren't super close, but they were my friends and I was especially grateful they brought many different substances.

By ten, my house was packed.  Sophie was right, I didn't know who half of the people were.  I hold my cup tightly against my chest, observing everyone closely making sure they weren't deliberately breaking anything.

When I look back to my front doorway, Alex walks in with his crew.  Alex was undeniably the hottest guy in our school, with his dark brown hair always styled up perfectly, never too long or too short. His brown eyes were warm and inviting, he was the most popular guy at my school.

Sophie bounds over to me.  "See!  Look how hot they all are!"

I hadn't even taken a glance at the rest of them, my eyes were trained on Alex.  I shake my head, looking at the rest of the boys.  They all were very attractive, and one was already holding my gaze.

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