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"You are so stupid!"  He yells, gripping his hair in agony.  "What possessed you to make such a stupid decision like this?!"

I stay quiet, my eyes are trained on the grass.

"Do you realize what kind of danger you have put yourself in?"  Justin paces around me.

"No! I don't because you don't tell me anything!"  I scream at him.  "You expect me to stay quiet and not wonder about your life at all!"

"You've been stupid, Allison, but this by far is your dumbest move yet."  He hisses coldly at me.

"You're right,"  I whisper.  "Coming to look for you was stupid.  I should've let you rot God knows where, away from me."

He glares at me as I let a tear fall to the floor. Justin's gaze is harsh, as usual.  His face holds no emotion, not even anger.  He is simply standing there, watching me.

I turn around, shaking my head and wiping my tears.  He doesn't say anything, he doesn't call for me, he doesn't apologize.

He watches me leave, his lips glued together.

I keep walking in no desired direction.  I just want to get away from him.

"Sweetheart,"  a voice calls, but I keep walking.  That's what Justin taught me to do.

"Little lady, come now, I won't bite."  They call again, and I finally turn around. It's a middle aged man, his brown, almost black hair is fluffy and falls over his forehead.  He holds similar features to Justin, my suspicions rising.

"Come with me, I'll help you." He coos, motioning me over.

"I don't need help," I say.

"I beg to differ," he replies. "Come on, you can trust me."

I begin to panic, "I said I don't need help, I'm going home."

I turn on the heels of my feet, but the man grabs my arm roughly and tugs me towards him.  My back is flush against his chest and his mouth is beside my ear.  "Don't make me angrier than I already am.  You, my dear, I have been waiting to get my hands on you the minute I saw you with him. You've caused a lot of trouble now."

Two more men come out from behind him grabbing me in vice-like grips.  I scream, hoping he will hear me and save me.  After two minutes of struggling, no one comes.

"Face it, dear.  He's not coming.  He cares more for himself than a pitiful little girl like you."  He laughs as more tears fall down my face.

"Put her in the car," he orders the  man and they comply.  They take me to the street, placing me in the back seat.  The two men sandwich me and the one with shaggy hair get's in the front.  He turns to look at me.  "So innocent," he mutters.

"The minute you got that little box, you know what you should've done?"

"What?" I whisper.

"Run. You should've run as fast as your legs could take you."

(Coming August 1st) :) Spread the word ;)

For all of you who were as confused as I was: the correct spelling in both Australian and British English is "jewellery." In American/Canadian English the correct spelling is "jewelry"
I am Canadian so I will be using jewelry :) sorry for the confusion!


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