Chapter 19: Felish's watch

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"Serius Black is your uncle! You hid him from the Dementors. Had him as your pet dog.... What in bloody hell were you thinking!?" Hermione screamed from the top of her lungs the next morning. Luckily, Ginny was already in the Great Hall.

Harley just sat on her bed like a scolded child. "I-uh-wasn't thinking, frankly speaking..." She laughed nervously. "I just felt like it was the right thing to do..."

"The right think to do, right." Hermmione crossed her arms and rolled her eyes.

"Dumbledore approved of it! So that means it's not all bad! It's hardly bad at all!"

"Do you know what could happen? Sirius is going to go back to Azkaban longer if he stays here longer! We could be in big trouble! The Ministry of Magic would probably ban us from using magic and give us a curse or a spell to forget that we were even witches and make us go back to the Muggle world! Did you not know the consequences?!"

Harley stood up and walked up to Hermione, "Yes I did know the consequences, Hermione. I knew them all. I knew the darastic measures the Ministry does and about a Dementor's Kiss. I knew what would hapen to me if I were to be caught. So do not ask me if I didn't know." She went out of the room and left for the Great Hall, and Hermione was left in the room.

Later that day, Professor McGonagall called out for Harley, who was to be sent to Professor Dumbledore's study.

"Ah, Harley, come, come." Dumbledore ushered her to his study. "I have heard that you have told your brother and your friends about Sirius?" He asked as they both sat down. Harley nodded her head. "And I presume Ms. Granger threw a fit?"

Again, Harley nodded her head. Dumbledore smiled a wise smile, "Do not worry, Harley, Ms. Granger will soon know that this is for the best." Harley nodded feebly. "Now, how are your studies coming along?" he asked. "Fine," Harley answered. "Well, I hope I would be able to see a high mark on that test you will be taking later this afternoon," Dumbledore smiled, "Now go on, now." Harley stood up and went out of the study.

As Harry walked to Potions, Padfoot ran, catching up to Harry. He then bit on his robe, pulling him away from the door and to a hall. "What do you want, Padfoot?" Harry wasn't sure if he were to call the dog his Uncle Sirius, especially now, where people could possibly hear. Padfoot whimpered and motioned with his paw, making a wiping motion to his forehead. "My scar?" Harry asked, touching his scar. Padfoot nodded and motioned his nose to the door to his potions class and made a low growl. Harry cautiously walked to the door, looking through the gap where it was open. He saw 3 shadows, one of a young man, sort of lanky in build. Another was of a man with a stance Harry could not understand and one of a crooked figure.

"The wand of the girl should be retrieved," a slithery, week voice said. And as the crooked figure spoke, Harry's scar burned. Harry tried to rub off the pain but it didn't work. He ran as far as he could, Padfoot right by his side. Padfoot let out a whimper of concern. "I'm fine," Harry assured the dog. Harry touched his still stinging forehead. What did the figure mean by getting a girl's wand? Could it be his sister's?

Harley was walking to her class with Professor McGonagall when she was met by Seth. "Um, hi, Seth," Harley said. "Hi," Seth shifted his weight uncomfortably to one foot and the other, "Hey,are you going to play for the next game against Ravenclaw?" Harley shook her head, "It's Harry's turn." 

"Oh. Well, um, I was wondering if maybe you could come with me to the game..." Seth said. Harley's eyes widened, but then returned to normal size, "Um, I'm not so sure..." 

"Oh, that's fine, maybe you can make up your mind on the day of the game," Seth said. "Yeah, sure," She said. Seth smiled and walked to the opposite direction and Harley then went to the other.

"Can anyone tell me what an Animagus is?" Professor McGonagall asked. As usual, Hermione raised her hand and answered. "Correct, Ms. Granger," McGonagall said. Harley was doodling on a piece of parchment, the amulet. when she was done with her doodle, she took out the book that she found from hermione's gift and read another story. This time, a girl named Felish was the main character.  

The story went on like this:

Felish was walking to her mother's garden when she found a parcel, a small round parcell with a note attatched to it. It was from her Grandmother.When Felish opened the parcel and took the lid off the box, she saw a pocket watch with different widgets on its sides and a number of hands on the clock. Felish did not know what to do with watch since it did not seem to hold much significance but it was owned by her grandmother. The widgets were in different positions, one was bent and another was pushed down. Another looked as if it was pulled out, but was intact to the watch after she tested it. She did not know how to opperate the silly looking Pocket watch and decided to experiment on what it can do. She twisted the widget that looked like it was pulled out and the longest hand moved. She then tilted, to the opposite side, the widget that looked bent and the midium lengthed hand twisted counter clockwise.. Lastly, she pulled up te widget that was pushed down and the shortest hand moved. She was then examining the watch and noticed a small button she did not see before, in the middle of the face of the clock, just on top of the bolt that was holding the hands together in place. She pushed the button and a swirl of colors erased the view of the garden. She was now floating. When she--

"Miss Potter!" Everyone looked at Harley. Professor McGonagall had already called her attention twice. "It seems like Potter has no talent in magic and has no sense of hearing as well," Malfoy snickered. Both the Potter siblings then glared at him. "Mr. Malfoy, that is not the way I would like my students to talk in my class." professor McGonagall said and returned to her lesson. Harley would have wanted to return to her book but it would have seemed that she was hardheaded not to listed to the Professor. But the same question roamed around her mind the entire class. What can Felish's watch do?

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