Old Lady Mermaids

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Erin and I continued to look through the journal. It was filled with notes on tons of mermaid things. Anatomy, weapons, magic.

I ran my fingers through my hair, frustrated. This was horrible. Johnny Jacobs was staying in the same building as me, the girl who has a crush on a mermaid, and my aunt Phillis, the old lady mermaid...the one who I suspect is an old lady mermaid.

"Lee, it'll be fine," Erin tries to reassure me.

"No it won't," my voice wavered, "this is a man who is after Gemma and her family. A man who could possibly come after my aunt Phillis."

Erin frowned. "Why would he come after your aunt."

"Oh! That's right I forgot to tell you. Gema and I think she might be a mermaid who left the ocean," I said, totally nonchalant.

"And you forgot to tell me this why?" Erin stood up, so he could look down at me, and placed his hands on his hips.

"Oh, you know....I meant to tell you."

Erin gave me a look that told me he didn't believe me. I pouted.

"It wasn't important at the time! I forgot about it!" Erin grinned in victory, but I ignored him. "What matters is that Jacobs cou--"

I was cut off by an angry pair of footsteps. Erin and I froze. I had three guesses on who they belonged to. Immediately, Erin started jumping and running around. He was waving his arms muttering in a very, very high voice about how Jacobs knew it was him who stole the notebook and was coming to kill him.

"Erin! Erin! Hold it together man!" I hissed at him. I grabbed Erin by his shoulders, and shook him. "You. Need. To. Calm. Down. Help me make sure he can't get in."

Erin nodded. We scrabbled in our separate ways to lock Jacobs out. Erin locked my door, and I snatched my desk chair to shove under the door handle. Then, Erin and I leaned against the door, pressing all of our body weight onto it. With my ear up against the door, I listened as Jacobs got closer. My heart was pounding out my chest, and my lungs squeezed themselves together, so I had trouble breathing. This was not how my body was suppose to work! My body was literally failing me and this was not the time to be filing me!

I knew Jacobs had to be heading this way. Aunt Phillis's room was the only room before mine, and Jacobs had no reason to suspect her. At least, that's what I was telling myself until he barged right into her room. My mouth dried. What was he going to do to her? I move to unbarricade the door, when Erin stops me. He shakes his head.

"You can't," he whispers-yells.

"Why not?" I grunted, trying to squirm my way out of his hold.

"Because if we go in there we don't know what'll he'll do. The best we can do is eavesdrop."

I stopped struggling. I had to agree with him there. I had absolutely no idea what Jacobs was planning to do. Barging in on them would help nothing. It would possibly make Jacobs even more angry. I have to figure out what his plan was. Swiftly, we pulled the chair back and unlocked the door. Stepping out into the hallway, I noticed Jacobs didn't close my aunt's door all the way. I smirked. That was lucky. This way, it'd be easier to listen in.

Unfortunately, we weren't that lucky. I could hear them talking. Jacobs gruff voice racked around my head, yet I couldn't make out the words. I wanted to push the door open more, but I wasn't going to take the risk of either of them noticing. Surprisingly, I heard my great aunt's voice as well. Hearing her talk back to him hurt my feelings. I could feel the jealousy rise up in me. After years of not talking to me, she decides to talk to this loony. It stung. A lot. My eyes watered without my permission.

Even if we couldn't make out what they were saying, we both heard Jacobs last angry retort.

"I'll be back."

I snorted. Way to go Terminator, you did your job. We started to giggle, when we both realized what that meant. Jacobs was leaving the room and would most likely find the two of us listening in on them. From the sound of his footsteps, he was already close to the door. We didn't have enough time to make it back to my room before he could see us. Erin and I stared at each other in horror.

Then suddenly, Erin made the snap decision to drop to the floor with me in tow. So, Johnny Jacobs walked out of my aunt's room and was greeted with the sight of us playing Patty Cake. We smiled like idiots while playing. Yup, no suspicious behavior here. Just two teenagers playing Patty Cake on the floor who where totally not listening to your conversation. Jacobs paused at the sight of us, but ultimately walked away grumbling.

We waited until he was around the corner and walking down the stairs before running into aunt Phillis's room. She sat in the same rocking chair with the same cream colored blanket over her legs, but she was crying. Quickly, I kneeled in front of her.

"Aunt Phillis? What happened? What did he do?" When she didn't answer, I tried a new approach.

"I know everything. I know about mermaids, I know you used to being one, I know about the Anti-Trident Association, and I know Jacobs is apart of it."

Aunt Phillis watched me with an awe expression. She didn't answer at first, but started to laugh. She laughed hard. Harder than I've ever seen her. This made me start to laugh. I could feel tears coming again. I haven't seen her laugh that this since forever.

"Only you Lee," she sniffed and stroked my face fondly. "Out of everyone I knew, it would be you who found out first. But...how?"

"Lee has a mermaid girlfriend!" Erin shouted.

"Erin!" I yelled. Aunt Phillis laughed again. I blushed in embarrassment.

"It's true. Her name is Gema."

Aunt Phillis's smile turned into a grimace. "I guess you'll want to know how I know Johnny."

Erin and I nodded. She took the words right out of my mouth. His Arnold Schwarzenegger sounded personal. Aunt Phillis sighed and motioned for Erin and me to sit on the bed.

"I was eighteen and very naive at the time. Johnny and I had been good friends for a couple years. We were never more, best friends like you and Erin. Johnny's parents died when he was young so he lived with his uncle. His uncle was apart of the Anti-Trident Association, but Johnny never betrayed me. Not until he found out how his parents died.

"They're ship crashed near by the small community we had. I was seven at the time, but that didn't matter to him. None of the Merfolk helped them, and they drowned," she paused to see if we understood. I couldn't help the little bit of shock that showed on my face.

"Lee, Erin, it was a different time. We were scared of the ATA and humans in general. That doesn't make it right, but that's how we felt. When Johnny found out, he felt betrayed. He felt angry. He felt sadness. Johnny joined to ATA for revenge, and I fled my home. I swam and swam until I got to Wingston Harbor. Then, I left the ocean and I haven't been back since."

None of us said anything. Johnny Jacobs used to be my great aunt's best friend, who turned all dark side, and was now back after her, and Gema, and Gema's whole mermaid community. I laughed. Today was just a roller coaster of emotions and secrets. I took a deep breathe to calm myself. That wasn't the point. The point was we had to figure out Jacobs plan and figure out how to stop him. Soon.

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