† Chapter Twelve

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                                                        [YOU BETTER VOTE OR I'LL LICK YOU]

          I finished doing my daily morning routine. I was ready for school, unfortunately. Today I decided to spice up my wardrobe by wearing something different, something that spoke out death. Well, my normal looks usually spoke out death but this time a more serious meaningful look.

          I wanted to embrace what I am, Through fashion and even through vision. I blame it on Adam and Kim. Their abnormal looks have influenced me. My mom gave me weird looks from the kitchen as I exited. I stuck out my tongue before closing the door.

          It's raining again, how wonderful. I pulled up my hood and walked quickly across the street, where Adam's car stood. I tried to open the door but it was closed so I knocked on the glass window. Nothing. Is Adam even there?

          I ran to the front of the car and the lights were on. Stupid tainted windows. That's not even legal! I knocked again and the window rolled down. I looked inside and Adam was grinning at me. I gave him an annoyed look and heard the lock open. I quickly got in the car.

          "Why didn't you let me in? It's raining." I said as I examined most of my wet clothes.

          "I wanted you wet."

          "What? Why?" I said in a hurtful tone.

          "You look hot."

          I smacked his chest and he quickly grabbed my hand. The window rolled up and we were covered in some type of darkness. Adam leaned over to kiss me, and so I kissed him. His lips were soft and wet from the dripping water that was coming from my face.

          His lips were cold.

          "Why are you cold one day then warm the other?" I asked him.

          "When I drink blood my body becomes warm, when I don't I get cold."

          "That's weird."

          "Think of it like hunger, when I'm cold it means I'm hungry, when I'm warm I'm not."

          "So you're hungry right now?"

          "Always am, but let's get going. We don't want to be late to school."

                                                          † † † † † † † † † † † † † † † † 

          I took my usual seat in my first class, Anasa was questioning me like crazy but I ignored her and tried to pay attention to the lesson. Ms. Nessa was acting crazier than ever. It must be the weather. I actually enjoyed the weather. I liked the cold and dark feel to the day. I hated the sun as much as Adam did. 

          We are both naturally creatures of the night. Our power is greater when our weakness is gone. That is why I believe I love this weather. It blocks out the sun for the whole day then the night comes and I'd feel great.

          But people believe that the sun brings joy and happiness to a soul. Well the dark brings joy and happiness to mine. What better feeling is there than to be hidden from the light? Untouched from the things that can actually see you.

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