Family Matters

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Tonight me and Justin are going to the movies with some friends from school. We're going to see Jurassic World. It was my idea nigga. "Y/N I can't wait to see Jurassic World!" Selena squealed. "Ew she's going?" Justin said. Her head tilted. "Nigga..." She said. I laughed. "Yes she's going Justin." I said. He groaned. He and Selena used to date. He couldn't stand her then and he can't stand her now. It makes me wonder. What if their just doing this because their fucking on the low low. Justin wrapped his arms around my waist and pulled me to the exit. "Baby I'm coming by your house later!" He said getting in his car. "Okay bye babe." I said walking to mine. "Bye sweetie plum!" He chuckled. My top lip lifted then I laughed. This nigga. When I got home I started getting ready. I wasn't really gonna change but then again I was gonna change. "Where you going?" My sister said walking into my room. "To the movies." I said putting on my lotion. "With who?" She said. "You don't have to know!" I said. "You going alone aren't you?" She said smirking. I looked at her and laughed. "No I'm not!" I said. "Where you going?" My mom said coming in. All y'all do not need to know where the fuck I'm going. "To the movies. With my boyfriend and friends!" I said pulling up my pants. "You got a boyfriend?" My mama asked. I groaned and grabbed my shirt. "Yes mother I do." I said. "And he's the one driving me." I said. "Can't wait to meet him." They said walking out. These niggas get on my nerves.
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I was walking around my room texting Selena. There was a knock on the door. Oh shit. I ran down the stairs as fast as possible. My sister seen me and ran faster. "Hey." She said when she opened the door. This bitch. "Hi uhm I'm here for Y/N." I heard Justin say. My mom walked to the door with my dad. What the fuck bro. "Hi you must her boyfriend?" My mom said smiling. "Uh yes ma'am.." He said. "Heey justy poo. Let's go!" I said walking around them grab his arm. "Y/N we just wanna talk to him." My sister said. Nigga shouldn't you be at work or some shit. "Yea Y/N." My dad added. "We're gonna miss the movie fam!" I said whining. "Just one more question!" My mom said. "Omg fine!" I said. "Okay what's your name again?" My mom said. "Justin." He said. "That wasn't the question though." She said. I put my tongue in my cheek. Justin just started laughing. "Okay the question is, do you like her ass? Do you think it's very big?" She asked. I put my face in my palms and laughed. Justin started laughing and so did my family. "I mean it's okay." He said. "Now we're gonna leave!" I said pulling him to the car. "Have fun and be safe." My dad yelled. Justin opened the door for me and let me get in. He then went around to the drivers side and got in. "That was fun." He said laughing. I just shook my head looking down.

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