Time to Party!

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*Pic of Rains dress above, sorry its been awhile I have been busy with school and work but i hope to update again soon*

Since me and Hannah are going to Aaron's party together she stayed after school until I was done with baseball. Yes, I did get Captain and first on varsity. After practice was done at 5, Hannah and I walked to my house to get ready.

"You really don't miss them?" I ask, referring to Hannah's lack of wings.

"For the tenth time today, Rain. No, I do not miss them one bit and I even feel better not having them"


"You know you need to give The Greater your answer tomorrow. Are you not excited to be rid of your pesky wings?" Hannah asked. I visually deflated a bit, but instead changed the subject.

"Are you excited for the party tonight?" I asked genuinely pleased she would be there with me.

"I guess, but remember-"

"No drugs, no alcohol, no sex." I cut her off referring to the term she found in a book once. We both burst into giggles.

+back home+

"Why don't you have anything nice to wear!" screeched Hannah from my closet. I dont like dresses so I dont have any, can you blame me?
"I'll be back!" she says before running out of my house. She finally strutted into my room 30minutes later holding a bunch of dresses.
"No" i stated before returning my attention to the tv.
"Put it on!" she yelled, tossing me a light blue dress. I tossed it back immediately in disgust.
"Fine" Hannah huffed "but you have to get over this color hatred sooner or later, black just isn't your color love!"
"I like black, all other colors make me want to bomb children." I stated without emotion. Hannah gasped.
"That's terrible Rain, fine black it is." she said before throwing me a plain black dress that was fitted with a plunging neckline and came down to mid-thigh. I dont like dresses. I huffed in annoyance before getting up and walking to my bathroom to put it on. It fit like a glove but was a little shorter than i thought. I walked back into my room to see Hannah holding paint swatches in vibrant colors up against my beautiful black walls.
"No" I stated making her turn around with a little eep then she proceeded to praise the dress.
"Julia told me to and damn girl you look hot! " she gushed throwing me some nude flats and a gold necklace, I threw the necklace back opting for a thin silver chain.
"Ahhh you look so sexy babe, now go shower you smell horrible." she teased, throwing me back out the door.
"NO PAINTING!!" I shouted and heard a muffled awww from behind my door.
An hour later at 7:30 we both are ready to go, Hannah wearing a deep green dress with a sheen tapered train with black heels, and me in the black dress.
"Alright lets go!" I said excitedly, I cant wait to see Aaron.

'This is the party of my lifetime'  is the only thought running through my mind as Hannah and I walk up to Aaron's house.  Aaron was only joking when he talked about breaking the Rules.  No one breaks the Rules.  The music was at a respectful level, dancing was formal and organized.  Yet, I still could fel the electrifying pulse of teenage excitement and hormones.

As Hannah and I made our way into the home of Aaron Abnreen we were greeted and given nods of welcome by the few people that we knew or were friends with.  Since Hannah has quite a few more friends than myself, I let her mingle while I made my way to the food table.  There were snacks of all different types(keeping within dietary regulations outlined in the Rules) and a sweet tropical smelling punch.  I grabbed a glass of the orange liquid and made my way to the dance floor.  I swayed my hips to the rhythm of the upbeat pop song, well aware of how good I looked since I have amazing curves.  I was also busy scanning the crowd for the reason I came.  Aaron.  I was getting a few lustful looks from the guys Aaron invited by the time I spotted my quarry.  He was standing with a few of his friends in one corner of the expansive living area.  Trying to remain casual, I started making my way across the dance floor, stopping to be spun by a senior whom I think was named Josh.  After trying to untangle myself from another dance with another boy I do not know, I find myself crashing into an oddly familiar chest.  I turned around, blushing to see Aaron's smiling face as he chuckled at me.

"You must like running into me." He said with a smile that could light the sky.

"Maybe you just like to be run into." I whisper while mentally slapping myself for that display of stupidity.  He returns my poor attempt at hilarity with another easy smile before extending his hand.

"May I have this dance?" he asks in a very fake sounding accent.

"Of course." I reply in barely a whisper before taking his hand.  He gently tugged me to the center of the dance floor before placing his hands on my hips, taking my hands and placing them on his shoulders and giving a nod to the boy in charge of the stereo.  In an instant the music transforms into a beautifully slow sonnet by Bach.  As we gently move across the dance floor, we talk about everything from favorite foods to the future.  When the music changed I found myself swaying my hips and dancing my butt off.

"You took my advice." Aaron says suddenly, breaking the comfortable silence.

"What do you mean?" I asked, confused.

"You wore something sexy." He says with a spark of determination in his eyes and a playful smirk on his lips. 

"wha-" I asked before he swept me off my feet and carried me towards a hallway.  "Put me down!" I squealed even though I loved being in his arms.  He didn't say anything until we walked through a door into what looked like a bedroom.  I only got a glimpse of a blue comforter before being pushed against the door.

"I've been wanting to do this since you bumped into me tonight." He said with a smirk before he kissed me.  I was beyond shocked and after a few seconds responded to the kiss.  We stayed like that for awhile until I broke the kiss, gasping for air while my lips tingled pleasantly from the lingering kiss.

"Since you have not turned 16 yet I thought I could wait, but now you are only a few days away from being 16 and I want you to be mine." He started to explain before I kissed him again.

"I was always yours."

At 10:00 we all had to leave, curfew for minors as stated in the Rules.  I couldn't stop smiling as I flew home, but as I got near my house I realized that tomorrow I had to send my email of consent for the operation.   I looked back at my wings stunned, realizing finally in that moment that I could never give them up.  My decision was made.

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