Chapter 2

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Author note :

So this is the second chapter of the rejection. I hope you enjoy reading and vote for me!


 Chapter 2 :

          I wake up in my bed. All sweaty and gasping for air. I haven’t have that dream for a while. A dream that always remind me how stupid I was. And because of my fault, my baby sister has to pay it. I missed my sister, Annabelle so much. I hope I can go back to the pass and fix everything.

            I wish I was the one who die.

          “Isabella! Come down here you stupid bitch!” I heard Connor- soon to be alpha called me.

I get off of my bed and go to the bathroom. I took a quick shower and put on a gray t-shirt that was two size bigger than I should wear. Well... I got to take what’s there for me. I didn’t have choice.

          “Isabella!” Connor yelled for once again.

          Doesn’t want to get hit or abused anymore. I quickly take my elastic band and start to tie my hair into a pony tail. My blond hair shape is very ugly because some of the she-wolf cut my hair for them to have fun. Which is why I always tied my hair up.

          I made my way downstairs and met with a angry Connor. If you’re wondering why my ex-childhood best friend treated me like a shit, let me tell you something. Connor has been in love with Annabelle since the first time they met. And me, being the third wheel who kill the love of his life. I’m not really in a good place.

          Sometimes I was wondering. Would it be different if I was the one who die? Would they also treat Annabelle like shit? Just like they did to me? Even my parents couldn’t look at me the same way anymore. I know, in one way or another they think it’s my fault that Annabelle is dead. And they were right. They can’t even stand to look at me because I look so much like my sister, after all we’re twins.

          I feel a sharp sting on my left cheek and realize that Connor has just slap me. Make me fall down on my ass, trying to stop tears that start to form in my eyes. That slap hurt like a bitch.

          “Who do you think you are? Day dreaming in front of me?! Get your lazy ass to the kitchen and start making breakfast for us!” he yelled.

          I hop on my feet as fast as I can before he started to kick me like he usually do when I’m on the floor. “Yes, alpha.” I said, bowing my head as a form of respect. I really shouldn’t show respect to a person who give me this shit, but who am I?

I’m nothing.

I’m the pack punching bag. I’m the pack slave.

I am no one.

          I start making my way to the kitchen and take all the ingredients that I need. I make bacon, eggs, toast and some salad for the girls. They always get angry if I didn’t make a food that doesn’t make them get fat. I mean, salad for dinner, really? But I guess it was better than nothing. I’ve been looking like a walking corpse for not getting enough food and no one even care. No one even my parents.

          When you were thinking why do I stay and take all this crap that thrown in front of my face? My answer is my mate.

          I’m waiting for him. And I’m sure he’ll be here soon.

         My mate would never left me and he will love me no matter what I look or what I ever did. He will love me unconditionally. His wolf will calling mine when he hit his eighteen birthday. Besides that, I can wait to meet my mate because I really want to change into my wolf.

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