44. Walking

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44. Walking

I pulled the jacket tighter against my body. I hadn't exactly put two and two together when I just abruptly left. I didn't know where I was going or if I should just run out in front of the metro but eventually just kept walking. I rubbed my hands together and blew hot air in between the palms of my hands. I felt my hands freeze and thaw and freeze again with the cool air. I hadn't thought of throwing on more appropriate clothes. The joggers and light jacket I had grabbed didn't seem to do the trick.

I looked at the people around me and my mind instantly wandered to Harry.

Lately it's been like- like we never broke up. And we were together. But the thing is we weren't. And we did break up. You can't deny that like it never happened. As much as I wish it didn't.


I grabbed his phone pressing 'accept' without checking the caller ID.

The line went dead raising my suspicions. I went to the last calls and saw Jenna in there. She had just called. I instantly sunk back into the couch and stared at it. I didn't know weather to keep looking or not.

Against better judgement i wanted to know. My fingers trembled as I read the messages.

Jenna: U comin ovr 2 nite??

Harry: yeah, I just need an excuse.

Jenna: jus break up wit her alrdy!

Harry: I can't do that.

Jenna: jus hrry up then.

My heart broke into a million pieces. My body launched from my seat and turned around glaring at him as he entered the room. His smirk left and his eyes traveled to his phone that was in my hands. I pressed my lips together into a line and shook my head hurling the phone to the wooden flooring panels. His phone shattered into pieces with the force. His eyes grew wide before he spoke.


"Dont, just don't try to explain what's going on. Don't try to tell me it's not what it looks like because that's exactly what it looks like. Is this because I don't-"

"It has nothing to do with anything you've done. It's because-"

"It's because you're an idiot." I stormed past him trying my hardest to not let any tears fall.

I slammed m door shut behind me and buried myself in my bed. I couldn't sleep or begin to try and move. I cried a lot those 3 days.


My lips quivered as I remembered the memory in clear vision like it was a movie in HD.

My attention was took from my thoughts as my phone buzzed in my pocket.

Jamie was calling.

"Hello." I barked.

"Hey baby," he started as I cringed with an eerie feeling tingling my skin.

"What?" I sneered between clenched teeth.

"Just checking up on you."

"I've got to go." I grunted.

"Don't hang up!" He shouted. I brought the phone back up to my ear as his voice softened before speaking. "Come prepared, okay?"

"Of bloody course." I pressed end and unknowingly my pace automatically fastened. I practically ran back to the flat as anger rushed through me.

He was controlling my life.


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