Part Two

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"Cassie! Hey!" Hailey exclaimed as soon as she saw her. She rushed over to Cassie and brought her into a tight hug before pulling back and examining her. "How's summer been treating you girl?"

Oh boy the fake act was already beginning. Cassie just hoped to make it through the shopping pain, in one piece.

"It's uh been great, lookin at your nice tan I can tell you've had a great one." Cassie smiled.

Hailey looked down at her exposed arms and legs, "Oh yeah when you're out having so much fun you don't really notice. And to think I was going to go to a tanning salon."

Hailey was never much of a pale girl, but she was not a bronze tan either. Either salon had become her bestie, or she really was out enjoying her summer. Cassie even noticed that Hailey had gotten blonde highlights. They went well with her brunette hair and big, beautiful green blue eyes.

Cassie faked laugh, "You're tan enough for the rest of the year."

Hailey laughed, "Now that's an understatement. There's no such thing as being tan enough. I'm getting one this weekend."

Cassie thought, "Skin cancer," but said, "oh yeah wouldn't want to be pale like me."

"No, go to the tanning salon. I'd invite you but I'm full on Vivian, Skylar and blah blah." Hailey explained.

Cassie silently huffed. She hated hearing about Vivian, especially from people like Hailey. Everyone worshiped the ground she walked on. Sure Vivian was absolutely beautiful but so what? She's just another human being, but blessed with great genetics.

The girls awkwardly looked around the two levelled mall. They were situated by the elevator. She allowed herself to adore the constant couples walking past her. Everyone looked so happy. Maybe one day she would be.

Their parents were too busy trying to figure out if they should go to Belks or Sears first for their fall fashion. Cassie watched as Hailey looked around the mall, probably on the look out for friends or someone familiar. Cassie crossed her fingers at her side, hoping they saw no one they knew.

"You two seem fine, me and your mother are going to look at a few fall clothes, so have fun and have your phones on," Donna instructed said.

Both mothers waited at the elevator until the doors split open. After the few people exited, their moms disappeared in the elevator. Seconds later, it slowly slid up.

Oh great now they were separating from them. Cassie thought it was bad enough to be hanging out with Hailey with their parents. Now they have to hang out by themselves. The worst was sure to come. Hailey never failed to let Cassie down.

Hailey's eyes met Cassie's. Her eyes looked like she received an F then grinned. "This should be fun. Right?"

Cassie shrugged, "Oh...uh yeah. We don't have to hang out you know. When your mom or my mom calls we can meet up."

"Why? You're not embarrassed of me are you?" Oh how ironic that statement was coming from Hailey. To Cassie it just sounded like sarcasm, as if Hailey knew exactly what she was doing. But instead of shutting her down, Cassie played along like the scared puppy she had grown to be.

Shaking her head quickly, Cassie replied, "Oh I thought that you wouldn't want to."

Hailey laughed then started walking towards Cassie, "Don't be silly Cassie. Now which store first?"

They both went to Forever 21 to only be highly disappointed. Eccentrically, they agreed that online had the better clothing and shopping at the mall was so obsolete. They only went to be social and of course their mom. Cassie felt her spirit lift after that trip to just one store. She was excited for the rest of the day. Hailey appeared to be genuine, even after familiar people saw her.

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