Marry me

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Juvia Pov

"Why should I marry him? " I asked

"Why can't you be like your brother. You're 24 years already. This is for the sake of our company. If you marry him it will greatly benefit us." My father said

"So you're doing this for the company's good. What about me? what about my happiness?" I hated the fact that my parents treated me like their toy.

"Juvia! How dare you talk like that to your father." My mother who followed everything my father said yelled at me.

"Even if you're against it, you have to marry him. Gajeel! He married levy, he didn't fight with me like you did, he was happy when I said he had to marry her. He married levy for the sake of the company as well" My father reasoned.

"They both were in love!" I yelled

"Love..what do you mean? He was given a girl to marry and he married her. Don't talk nonsense!! Who cares about love Juvia? he still had an arranged marriage. Your mother and I had an arrange marriage. love doesn't matter when it comes to the world. Even if you don't love someone you have to live with them." I couldn't believe my father said that in front of the women whom he had been married to for the past 30 years.

I looked over to my mother,her eyes tearing up.

"I won't marry someone I don't love." It was final. I can't marry a random guy ! I haven't even met.

"If you want to meet him. I will hold a date for both of you too meet. Gray as well, he has to go with this. He has to marry you as well. Juvia, don't be selfish, this doesn't matter to you only, it matters to all of us" My father told me. I can't believe he is selling me for that damn company.

"I don't want to live like the way my mother did." I said. Me. Selfish. Are you kidding me? He is the setting me up with this crap for the sake of this damn company.

"Juvia!! Watch what you're saying." My mother yelled.

"Meet him today at 5:00 pm at the Siviton hotel. If something happens to this marriage, I will not let you come back in this house. I will completely abandon you." Father said. How could he say that?

"Please! Fathe.." He cut me of.

"Juvia! It's final. You will marry him" He yelled at me. I knew he saw me as an embarassment. He would do anything to get rid of me.



"Gray. I assume you know how important this is" Father's nonchalent voice played in my head. " You have to marry the daughter of the Lockser family. If you marry her, it will improve our company. If you have any relationship with any other women. I advice you to stop meeting them. Whatever happens you cannot break this marriage. You are soon to take over this company,please act as I have said." Father said as he stood up. I couldn't believe this man in front of me was my father. He hated me. He didn't consider me as his son.

"Yes father. I understand. Well then, I will take my leave" I said. I hated being in his office. It was suffocating.

"Don't forget! You have a date with her at Siviton hotel at 5:00, Don't mess this up. if something happens, forget about you being my son. Do you understand!" He yelled.

"Yes, father. I understand. Goodbye father" I said as I took my leave. He didn't even say goodbye to me. Sometimes I wonder if I'm even his son.


I saw my mother waiting for me. I missed her alot. I hated staying away from her.

"My son.. How lo." I cut my mother of.

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