Long Harry Styles Dirty Fanfic

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Your so excited. There's only 10 minutes before you have to leave for the One Direction concert, and you have backstage passes! You make sure you're wearing something that smells like peppermint. (Harry loves that) You throw on a sexy tank top, making sure you have lots of cleavage. You run downstairs in your sweatpants, and grab a duffel bag on the way out the door.

As you're driving to the concert, you're thinking of what it's going to be like to meet Harry, all the great things that might happen.

When you arrive at the concert, you can barely feel your stomach. You get out of the car to see your BFF standing next to you. You can see the excitement in her face. You walk into the building together, handing the security guard your ticket. You find your seats; front and center. You nearly pass out when you see One Direction come onto the stage.

Harry looks at you and winks, you're horny just at the sight of him. When they start singing Rock Me, you throw one of your bras up at Harry, and it lands right on his head. He gives you a seduced look as he grabs a Sharpie out of his pocket and writes something on the cup. Then Harry throws it back at you. You catch it, only to see that he's written "You're Sexy" on it. Harry gives you a cheeky smile, and walks across the stage to where the other boys are. T

After the concert, you walk backstage showing the guard your pass. You pass through a curtain to see Harry buttoning up his shirt. He stares at you with his beautiful emerald eyes, as he walks over to you. You can hardly believe that of all people to be interested in, Harry would pick you. He's so close now, his nose touching yours. "I think you dropped this." You say holding up your bra. Harry backs away, and looks down at your hand grasping the bra strap. He lets out a little sigh as he shakes his head. "What's your name?" Harry asks. "It's (Y/N)." You reply. "(Y/N), that's a beautiful name." Harry says.

He takes your hand and leads you to where the other boys are standing. "Well well well. Who do we have here?" Louis asks. "A girl." Harry replies. "Of course it's a girl you ass." Niall says pushing Harry aside. As Niall puts his arm around you, you can tell that he's getting horny. "What's your name babe?" He asks. You open your mouth to tell him, but Harry stops you. "Her name's (Y/N)," Harry says pushing Niall back to where he was before. "and if you don't mind, she's into me." Harry says leading you out the back door. "Jealous much." Louis says. "Hey, she was pretty hot." Zayn says.

Back outside, Harry brings you to his car, pushing you up against the door. "Sorry about them, they always act all shitty when a girl comes backstage." Harry says cupping your cheeks in his hands. "It's ok, I understand." You reply. Harry smiles that cheeky smile, showing his dimples. You gently wrap your arms around Harry's neck.

After a while of staring into each others eyes, Harry just can't take it anymore. He crashes his lips against yours, and slips his tongue into your mouth. You push harder against his body, making him release a slight moan. He pulls away, but you draw him back in. You know he's hungry for more. You break the kiss, leaving him speechless.

"Is it ok if I come to your place for a little while?" You ask him. "Absolutely." He says. Harry walks around the front of the car, and climbs in the driver's side door. You sit down just seconds after him.

You say nothing for the whole ride there, and when you finally arrive, you can't hold it in anymore. You look at Harry hungrily, biting your bottom lip. "Just do it Harry. I can't wait any longer!" You say to him. "Don't worry (Y/N), you'll get what you want." Harry says in his sexy British Accent. You both climb out of the car, and walk into his place together. "Whoa! This place is HUGE!" You gasp. "Come on." Harry says as he picks you up wedding style up the stairs into his bedroom.

He lays you down on the bed, then he lays down beside you. You throw yourself on top of him, sitting up on his lap. Harry reaches an arm out, you grab it gently and place it down on his hip. You slowly unbutton his shirt, and throw it on the ground beside the bed. You run your fingers slowly down Harry's chest, as he lets out a long moan. He reaches out, and pulls your shirt off, then your bra. He leans in to kiss you. He jams his tongue in your mouth, and you kiss back hard. He massages your breasts, making you moan a little. It's getting more passionate by the second. You start to move your way down his neck, leaving love bites as you go. A few moans slip between Harry's lips, only making you more horny. Your kisses start to turn sloppy, as you make your way down Harry's chest. When you reach the hem of his jeans, you trace his v-line with your fingertip. "Ugh, stop teasing (Y/N)!" Harry shouts. You give a little giggle as you rip off his jeans and boxers. You kiss the top of his dick, then run the tip of your tongue up his shaft. "Fuck (Y/N)! Stop teasing! I can't take it anymore!" Harry screams.