WARNING! In case you aren't aware this is a boys romance, meaning boy on boy action. I mean it...like very naughty boyxboy action that would give you a nosebleed. Soooo, if you don't like that sort of thing don't read it. If you're curious ok but read at your own risk. I haven't gotten any hate comments (yet) saying that boyxboy is gross and I'd like to keep it that way.

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(Giovannie's POV)

"Hey, Jenna, phone!"

      I, Giovannie or Gio to my friends, burst into my twins room without bothering to knock. Oh, I knew what I'd find so it didn't surprise me at all to find my older twin, Jenna, and our childhood friend Hunter, in a full make out session. Still, the mischievous dramatic side in me couldn't help tease them.

      "Jenna!" I cried, shock dawning on my cute face. What? Well I am cute. "you slut!"

      Jenna glared at me and slid off of Hunter, who had his back leaning against her bedboard for support. My eyes twinkled as I raked in Hunters smooth bare chest, exposed by the parted white button down shirt he wore.

      Oh yum.

      "Gio," Jenna hissed, "don't you ever knock?"

      "Hush you tramp!" I made a sign of the cross in the air, "may the power of christ compel you!"

      "Oh haha," Jenna brushed passed me, clearly not amused by my acting. "Who's on the phone?"

      "Begone you shameless, hussy!" I pushed Jenna out the door instead of answering her, "or I shall be tainted by your wickedness."

      Jenna snorted, "you're more wicked than I'll ever be, Giovannie."

      Oh why thank you very much! How very kind of her to think so.

      "No use for flattery, you bimbo," I booted her out her own room, "go answer the phone." I closed the door firmly between us before she could protest. I even locked it for good measure.

      "Same as ever, I see."

      I turned and faced the owner of that deliciously wicked voice. Hunter Evans, that sexy sexy beast. With curly blond locks, perfect facial structure, a body to die for and haunting hazel eyes, why, this guy was de-li-cious with a capital D. And he was not only my childhood playpen pal but my twins boyfriend as well.

      They had recently started going out about a month ago. That sudden development in their relationship had actually surprised me and nothing ever hardly surprises me. Trust me, I'm the king of surprises. Still, as a loving friend and brother I gave them my full support though it didn't stop me from shamelessly flirting with Hunter as I always have since way before they started going out.

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