Chapter 1

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I missed writing a werewolve story so I decided to put this up. I hope you enjoy it :) Fresh characters and a fresh story line. I'm excited to get started.

- Sim

Chapter One

It was a withdrawing feeling that you just couldn't explain. I slumped in the chair, looking up at the stage. I hated pack meetings, no correct that I loathed them.

My mum was hanging onto every word Alpha Harris was saying. Pack meetings always reminded me of school assembles. They were just as boring, and they both were held in a massive hall.

Falling in reverse was blasting in my ear. Mum had given up telling me to take them out. My eyes flickered to Zane Harris. He was sitting on the side of the stage next to his mother. Like always he was on his phone, not paying any attention. For an Alpha to be, you would think he would pay attention.

At least I have an excuse, I was getting out of here as soon as I was twenty one and free from any commit to this pack. Pity it was still four years away. My eight-teen birthday was this weekend and that was one year closer to my freedom.

I watched Zane crack a smirk, reading something on his phone. He had dark midnight black hair, which sort of did its own thing, spiking in every direction. He arms were heavily tattooed much to his parents disappointment I bet.

"Mum I need to go to the toilet?" I hissed in her ear.

"Make it quick Allie." She shot back, giving me the famous annoyed smile.

This why I insisted on sitting at the end of the row, it gave me a quick getaway. I walked quickly and quietly out of the hall.

Instead of heading to the toilet I headed to the back door. This was the pack house, massive and overly impressive.

I slid the glass doors open and the night air was welcoming. Mum and I both knew I wasn't planning on going back in. I would riddle an excuse like I got lost or something to her later.

I sat down on the first step and fished around in my handbag looking for something to eat. I was always hungry. I personally think mum staved me as child and now I was making up for it in my later years.

Just because I ate like a horse, didn't mean I looked like one. I took pride in my slim figure, hell I worked hard enough at it. I ran every morning in human form and then every night I ran in wolf form.

"How about we make it ten."

My head snapped up, seeing Zane talking in his phone and closing the door softly. Looks like someone is skipping the meeting.

"I know babe, but I can't get away from the parents till then." He sounded disappointed and then chuckled "Well I will keep that in mind." He turned around, and his eyes widened just slightly when they landed on me.

I smirked smugly and turned back around to look out at the gardens.

"Look I have to go." Zane muttered into the phone, and I heard it snap close soon after. "What are you doing out here?' He sounded generally annoyed. God forbid someone hears his conversation.

"Nothing." I took a bite off the bar I had found in my bag.

"You should be in the meeting." He was now standing behind me.

I got to my feet, knowing I was going to have to go find somewhere else to get some privacy. "So should you." I challenged back at him.

"I know you don't I?" He frowned, trying to place me.

We had been part of the same pack since the day we were born. I had been in all his grades during primary school and we both go to the same high school and have had numerous classes together. But yet he still couldn't place me.

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