*Harley's pov*

His head lay gently on my chest, right over my ecstatic heart. He was fast asleep which almost seemed like he was slipping in and out of unconsciousness. He was always first to wake up, I didn't know what made it different this morning. We had only five minutes before we normally got up for school.

I wanted to make the most of this rare event and let him lay on me, with my arms wrapped tightly around him. But having so little time left it was mean to do so- so I gently shook him awake.

He grumbled softly, his emerald eyes opening slowly as his head raised in curiosity. Once he saw me his eyebrows raised with a slight, tired smile on his beautiful face. He then lowered his head back down to my chest, and attempted to fall into yet another sleep.

"We have school." I mentioned in a whisper.

"I don't give a fuck," He groaned. "I'm exhausted."

I furrowed my eyebrows slightly as I frowned in concern. "How are you exhausted? We've literally slept for, like, eight hours."

In response he depressingly sighed, and with that he raised his head. "Let's stay home, Harley."

"No," I ordered. "I have classes."

He pouted his pink lips in persuasion, his eyes widening. "Please, for me."

I laughed lightly, and his face hovered over mine gently with the tip of his nose brushing mine. "Harry... When I say no, I mean no."

He sulked miserably. "What time do your classes start?"


"Then lay with me for a while. I'll take you to school." He nagged desperately, rolling over so the back of his head lay against my chest.

I seriously contemplated the idea of staying here, just for a little while. I guess leaving for school at eight in the morning was a bit pointless when Harry was willing to take me at a later time. But this didn't mean he had won.

"Fine, you can take me at ten." I gave in.

"Hm," He groaned in pleasure. "Great."

He then lay beside me, his face opposite mine and our eyes locking until he gently closed them. He fell back asleep instantly, leaving me lonely as I stared thoughtfully at his sharp, defined features. He was so damn beautiful, especially when he peacefully slept.

I pressed a kiss to his forehead, then to his nose. As I was just about to place a kiss to his lips, he pursed them. I giggled to myself, and soon enough a small smirk appeared on his smug grin. I pressed a soft kiss to his lips, and then let him finally rest.

I watched tv while he got the sleep he needed. The last thing on my mind was to watch tv but I had no option but to occupy my time. I watched some documentary on grizzly bears for an hour, and it was somehow entertaining me.

Harry grumbled beside me as I loudly sneezed, awaking him instantly in a panic. He shot up, his eyes wide and tired as he quizzically stared down his surroundings. "What was that?!"

"I sneezed, gosh." I breathed.

In a way I was glad I awoke him because now he could stay awake with me. His eyes softened once he realised no harm was intended, and he miserably frowned. "Aw, fuck."

Now I was slightly regretting sneezing. "What's wrong now?"

He went silently momentarily. "Nothing. I just... I don't feel too good."

I sat up slowly as his pouted lips and furrowed eyebrows stared down at me sadly. My hand pressed to his forehead, and he uncomfortably tensed. "You're not warm."

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