Soak Up The Sun

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Something about the anticipation of summer vacation made me hyper and unable to follow anything my friend was telling me as we walking down the crowded hallway.

Teens were spread across the corridor, taking stuff from their locker, chatting with friends. It was only a week away from the last day of school and no one seemed to even want to leave. As for me? I did as well. Especially since I already knew that I’d barely be keeping contact with any of my friends until school starts again, that’s what always happens.

“Are you even listening to me?!” Jackie asked her face red from acne.

Turning my head, I responded. “Yeah,”

“Well, I hope so…” she sighed.

We were walking down the white stairs which was crowded with teenagers as well. There were couples eating each other or people saying their goodbye’s.

Even the walls were covered with white, no color in the school except for maybe some blue here and there.

“Mitchie, remember when you told me who your crush is?”

That’s the only thing she said that actually caught onto my ear.

“What? I never said anything.” I replied.

As we neared the stair case leading toward the back entrance, people started to gather, following down the same steps as us. It was getting a lot more crowded than before. The stench of sweaty gym socks flew around the stair well. All I heard was the thump of shoes hitting the steps and a constant ruckus of hormonal teenagers like me.

Jackie turned her face so she could look me dead in the eyes. That not only sent a shiver down my spinal cord, but a fright as well.

When we first became friends, I was cool with her. I was new to this school and they were not so she just seemed okay and trustworthy. Now after three months of this suffering I realized she was never like what she seemed. She tried to ruin friendships that I’ve created with others because I was only “her friend”. She tried to make my life a living hell if I didn’t obey her every word. I never did obey her but she still stuck around.

Why, you ask? Why am I still friends with her? Because I’m not really friends with her. It’s me pretending to be. It’s better to keep your enemies closer than you keep your friends, so that’s exactly what I did.

“Yes, Mitchie. Remember Colin? Huh?” she replied, her spit flying through the air.

Oh gosh.

Not this again.

I was hoping she wouldn’t remind me of this incident. It caused some regret. I just couldn’t understand why she would bring this back.

One day she and I were walking home and she went on gushing about her crush. At last after ten whole minutes she stopped talking. I was relieved but then she asked me who my crush is, expecting me to gush about him now. I obviously said, “I don’t have one,” but she’s been asking me for days. She’s asked me five times that day so I got a bit annoyed. After all these times I think I had the right to get angry.

So after the last time she asked I said a name. A name I would forever regret to even mention. Colin’s name. I just got sick of all the rant and decided to say one of my friend’s names and he wasn’t even a close friend for that. So it was a mistake, but I can’t regret anything in life like my father says. That name was said by complete accident. I swear.

She confused him with a different Colin and I told her that he was a different one. So she didn’t know which one I was talking about because she didn’t know him in the first place.

I was lucky.

Until now.

“Uh, Colin? Colin who…? I know a bunch of Colin’s you know…” I tried to sound normal.

“Oh shut up! It’s him!”

Looking at who she was pointing as we reached the first floor, walking off the stairs, I saw Colin. The Colin I was talking about. Colin Wither.

Oh my God.

Brown hair, hazel eyes. That was him. His great smile, laugh. I don’t understand this, how would she know it was him?

All of his friends were around him, chatting and laughing about whatever he was saying. Students were crowding up the place, trying to escape through the doors that were only ten feet away. I looked over at the brown plastic table that stood to our left. We usually stood there, waited for our friends to hang out with them. But today she had a different story in mind as we stood in the grey loft. This was a room that was like a hallway but much bigger, standing in front of our big gym.

“Yes, I knew it! By the look of your eyes I could tell this is the Colin!” Jackie chirped, bothering my train of thought.

“No-no,” I stuttered, looking at her with anger.

She was one of the shortest people I knew and I was short. I had to look down just to see her face.

“Ye-yes,” she mocked me, her greasy hair hitting her neck.

“Just leave me alone,” I barked.

Wide eyed, she looked at me as if I were crazy. Instead of saying anything more, I walked away from her, passing the students that were headed to the same direction as me.

I could already hear her stomping follow my every step. She couldn’t walk like a woman should walk, with grace and confidence, she walked like a goblin. Making sure everyone knew she was nearby and afraid. Smooth.

Quickening my pace, I reached the doors that lead outside. Six big black doors ready for my hand to push them open. I did as they wished, letting the humid air drown my face. Even more students were outside chatting and hanging around than there are inside the school. Running down the concrete stairs in front of me, I pushed passed the students heading toward the parking lot.

As far away from Jackie and Colin as possible.

Slamming my bedroom door shut, I felt protected in the comfort of my own home. The navy walls calmed me down; the thought of waves crashing at the shore came to mind.

Why would Jackie do that?

She was always a bitch but I… never mind. I would actually expect her to do exactly that. It wouldn’t surprise anyone. She’s just that kind of person, when you look at her you see the evilness right away. Crawling at her very skin.

But Colin. He probably saw my frantic escape. This always happens to me. Not only to get away from her but to get away from him. I don’t know what was exactly wrong with me… it’s just something feels awkward around me and him.

So that’s that.

That was exhausting to say. Too many words for a girl like me and too many stress levels going up. Yup, that’s how it goes with me.




This is awkward.